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Maximize your laboratory's prospects in biofuels development and testing, while meeting diverse global regulatory requirements and ASTM standards for renewable energy products.

From evaluating incoming raw materials to processing byproducts such as glycerin to compliance testing of finished fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel, you'll find everything your scientists need to work with fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) -- and for your lab to lead in this exciting research area -- with our comprehensive, application-specific biofuels development and testing solutions.

  • Comprehensive solutions for building your lab from the ground up
  • Analytical capabilities and application notes to perform the required methods
  • Complete system support including training, validation, and maintenance



Advanced Solutions for Biofuels Analysis

Maximize your laboratory's prospects in biofuels development and testing while meeting diverse global regulatory requirements and ASTM standards for renewable e ...
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Refinery and Natural Gas Analysis Brochure

Oil refineries and natural gas producers around the world require their lab operations to perform large numbers of analyses before their products are used in in ...
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The Alchemy of Biofuels Research: Q&A with Dr David Bressler

We asked Will Soutter, editor in chief at AZoNetwork, to sit down with Dr. David Bressler, professor in the Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences departme ...
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Essential Chemistry for Sustainable Energy

Decarbonization of electricity is playing a key role in meeting the goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Due to seasonal and weather-related limitations i ...
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HS-GC: Accurate Analysis of Methanol Content in B100 Biodiesel According to EN14110

Biofuels continue to be of key importance to the energy sector as more renewable fuel solutions are developed to contribute to global climate goals and resolve ...
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GC: Determination of He in Hydrogen in Compliance with ISO 14687

Hydrogen is used in a number of areas, from industrial processes such as pesticide production and the removal of sulfur from petrochemical products to its use a ...
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Portable Quantitative Biodiesel Analysis Using the Spectrum Two FTIR as per ASTM D7371

Biodiesel, also referred to as fatty acid methyl ester (FAME), is a renewable and biodegradable fuel manufactured from vegetable oils, animal fats as well as re ...
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Diamond ATR and Calibration Transfer for Biodiesel-Blend Analysis by ASTM D7371

Biodiesel is seldom used neat (B100), typically being blended with fossil diesel at ratios from 5% v/v (B5) to 30% v/v (B30). Verifying the FAME content of dies ...
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Determination of Methanol and Ethanol in Denatured Fuel Ethanol Using GC/FID

Ethanol is often utilized in commercial denatured fuel products to improve performance, and does not exhibit many of the environmentally dangerous characteristi ...
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GC-FID: Sensitive Routine Analysis of Commercial Flex Fuel Gasoline (E85) by ASTM Method D5501-20

The production of vehicles running high-ethanol-content gasoline blends, known as flex fuels, has increased. Such fuels have garnered attention due to their red ...
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Biofuels Analysis in Research and Industry: Analytical Insights to Lower-Emission Fuel Products

Explore biofuels analysis from feedstocks through to finished blended, or drop-in fuel products.
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Inside the University of Alberta Research Laboratory: Biorefining Oils and Fats to Hydrocarbon Fuels

Dr. David Bressler and the team at University of Alberta have one large research goal: developing a technology that can convert oils and fats directly to hydroc ...
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