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Natural Gas Analysis


Our GC engineered solutions for Arnel provide a guaranteed analysis of ASTM Methods D5134, D6729, D6730 and D6733. With quick database creation, fast peak identification, and result processing, our range of analyzers are equipped to fit your industrial and petrochemical needs.

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  • Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyzers

    Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyzer

    Understanding crude oil composition during refining and production is essential to ensuring quality, safety and adherence to regulatory requirements. Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA) is a gas chromatography technique for characterizing crude oil, and analyzing multiple fuel types containing hundreds or even thousands of compounds. PerkinElmer’s DHA systems are designed without costly valves or hardware components, such as traps, that require maintenance, replacement and increase total cost of ownership. To further boost productivity within your lab, our single-column solution for DHA analysis includes a high-resolution capillary column and tuned pre-column to separate individual compounds present in gasoline.
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