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Grain & Feed

Leverage our industry-leading grain and feed testing solutions to ensure quality, safety, and profitability of your operations.

Today’s grain and feed business demands more when it comes to quality and safety. And the only way to ensure that your products meet industry requirements and are safe for consumption is through rigorous testing.

Our robust, reliable, and easy-to-use grain testing and analysis solutions help growers, traders, processors, and labs test for quality and safety at each stage, including:

•    Establishing grain value
•    Determining quality, nutrition, and safety
•    Optimizing product yield and reducing waste
•    Developing innovative, sustainable plant-based food products
With more than 60 years in the grain industry, we’re proud to be an ally in helping feed the world – safely, nutritiously, and economically.

Grain Analysis Across the Entire Supply Chain

Grain Trade

We offer a comprehensive range of industry-leading dedicated products and solutions, including the world standard Falling Number® instruments, Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm (UGMA), grain moisture meters, whole grain NIR analyzers, and a complete line of mycotoxin testing solutions.

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Flour Milling

Our reliable instruments quickly verify incoming wheat quality to avoid sprouted or mycotoxin-infected grain, segregate for protein, and monitor tempering. Our on-line systems provide results in real-time, allowing you to optimize blends and flour yield. Test final products for rheological and other properties, including Falling Number®, moisture, protein, ash, water absorption, stability, starch pasting, and more.

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Feed Milling

Analyze your raw materials to rapidly detect out-of-spec or mycotoxin infected shipments before they’re unloaded. Use our at-line and in-line analyzers to formulate cost-effectively, maximize use of higher value grain, optimize drying processes, boost feed value, minimize supplement use, and verify the quality and safety of finished feeds.

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Wet Corn Milling

Our unique combination of functional and compositional testing solutions helps starch manufacturers to be more efficient and produce the right quality products. Use our instruments to verify starch pasting quality, monitor and characterize starch modifications, and evaluate its performance.

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Rice Milling

Our solutions help develop new rice varieties, identify varieties in the field, maximize milling yield, and monitor safety and quality of final products, ensuring customer satisfaction and product palatability.

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Test barley, malt, hops, adjuncts, spent grain, and beer for a wide variety of parameters such as moisture, protein, alpha and beta acids, and much more. Optimize process efficiency and ensure your beer meets quality and flavor requirements.

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Oilseed Extraction

Our oilseeds analysis solutions improve your operational efficiency and increase bottom line, enabling you to rapidly determine moisture, oil, fatty acid profile, and more in oilseeds, monitor degumming and free-fatty-acid neutralization, verify oilseed meal nutritional properties.

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Ethanol Production

Test feedstocks, monitor fermentation processes, and verify final and co-product quality. Use our analytical solutions to optimize your ethanol production, avoid quality issues during processing, improve throughput and reduce waste – material, energy, and labor.

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Webinar: NIR Process Analyzers in Action. Driving Quality and Efficiency in the Grain & Feed Industries

Process NIR is rapidly becoming the tool of choice to automate production processes. It helps increase yield, profitability, and optimize ingredient use. Traditional methods of quality control often fall short in providing timely insights that are vital for real-time decision-making. Join us for an engaging session as we dive deep into the world of successful adoption of this technology in the grain and feed sectors.

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