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As consumers continue to demand smaller, lighter and safer electronic devices, all phases of the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing process, from research and development, to manufacturing and packaging, are challenged with potential trace level chemical contaminations or particulates in the Process, which will cause reliability issues or failure in the end-product.

Semiconductor, or Integrated Circuitry (IC) R&D managers need to set the stage for full scale production by developing the downstream process standards that will impact device fabrication, the fine chemicals used, QA/QC methods and instrumentation, as well as testing for assembly, housing and packaging components. Semiconductor, display device and electronics manufacturing facilities need easy to use, high sensitivity solutions to detect ppt and ppq impurities, while running 24/7 manufacturing operations.

Internal and external manufacturing workplace environments must also be monitored and controlled on top of ensuring quality processes and product. Occupational and environmental exposure to hazardous and potentially harmful chemicals and gases like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), airborne molecular contamination (AMC) and industrial waste, among others, are challenging to keep up with due to the highly competitive and constantly changing nature of the industry.

Discover how our innovative analytical solutions and services improve all areas of semiconductor, Integrated Circuitry and electronics manufacturing, from process development, process monitoring, QA/QC and failure testing, to assembly and packaging.

Research & Development

Semiconductor Research and Development Managers are tasked with establishing the right set of processes and selecting the right materials for the entire integrated circuitry (IC) manufacturing processes. The choices and recommendations semiconductor R&D managers deploy will impact the operation’s ability to achieve 24/7 manufacturing operations and downstream production ROI.

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Device Fabrication

Semiconductor, or IC wafer fabrication, is the front-end phase of semiconductor manufacturing where the many intricate steps introduce numerous points at which contaminations and chemicals impurities pose catastrophic risks to the semiconductor’s reliability and quality. Controlling trace metal and organic contaminates with ultra-clean processes is critical in each device fabrication step to ensure the quality and purity of the materials, gases, and fine chemicals used in manufacturing.

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QA/QC & Failure Testing

As personal technologies like smartphones, tablets, wearables, and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices become smaller and smaller, the highly integrated components within the devices need to become more and more complex. Quality assurance, quality control and failure testing are critical to the back-end phases of semiconductor and device manufacturing, because the sooner a defect can be identified and characterized, the faster production should re-start.

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Assembly & Packaging

Semiconductor, or IC packaging assembly, is an essential and complex back end phase of the semiconductor and electronic device design and manufacturing process. Contaminates introduced to wafer fabrication, component level packaging, module assembly, housing, and plastic components all affect the performance and ultimately the cost of the product. Like many other phases of semiconductor manufacturing, precise analytical sample testing is required to ensure the composition and quality of the assembly and packaging starting materials which are so critical to final device quality.

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