Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)


See more than you ever thought possible with our advanced line of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) solutions. Whether you're performing QA/QC applications, studying processes in polymers or pharmaceuticals, or developing the cures of tomorrow, our new DSC platforms will open your eyes to a world of exciting new opportunities. Applications for our single furnace and double furnace models include:

  • Traditional and advanced materials characterization
  • Oxidative Induction Testing (OIT)
  • Multi-user, ad-hoc DSC analysis
  • Isothermal kinetics studies
  • UV curing and process simulation in polymers
  • Process and product improvement
  • Polymorph characterization in pharmaceuticals
  • Process studies in pharmaceuticals effects on amorphouscrystalline content

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  • Copper (1)
  • Platinum (1)
  • Stainless Steel (1)
  • Tygon (1)
Volume Capacity
  • 20 µL (1)
  • 40 µL (1)
Inner Diameter
  • 0.125 in (1)
Model Compatible With
  • AD 6000 (1)
  • AD-4 (1)
  • Diamond DSC (4)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) (7)
  • DMA (3)
  • DSC (3)
  • DSC 4000 (3)
  • DSC 6 (3)
  • DSC 6000 (3)
  • DSC 7 (3)
  • DSC 8000 (4)
  • DSC 8500 (4)
  • DTA (1)
  • Jade DSC (3)
  • Provectus 6500 (1)
  • Pyris 1 DSC (4)
  • Pyris 6 DSC (3)
  • TGA (1)
  • Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) (1)
  • Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA) (1)
  • TMA (3)
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  • Tubing Kits and Spares (1)
  • Thermal Analysis (4)
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  • AA (1)
  • DSC (9)
  • ICP-MS (1)
  • ICP-OES (1)
  • STA (2)
  • TEA (25)
  • TGA (1)
  • Thermal Analysis (4)

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  • DSC 8500

    DSC 8500

    The DSC 8500 is a double-furnace DSC, featuring our second-generation HyperDSC technology. Now you can gain unlimited insight into the structure, properties and performance of your materials.

    We stand firmly behind our products and now offer a 5 YEAR PARTS ONLY FURNACE WARRANTY* with new instruments.

    List Price : 88600.00 USD
  • DSC 8000 - Differential Scanning Calorimeter

    DSC 8000

    The DSC 8000, double-furnace, power compensation DSC provides greater sensitivity and accuracy as well as faster and more reliable results then you ever thought possible.

    We stand firmly behind our products and now offer a 5 YEAR PARTS ONLY FURNACE WARRANTY* with new instruments.

  • DSC 6000

    DSC 6000

    The DSC 6000 gives you all the advantages of the DSC 4000 and more. Designed for research application, it comes with Modulated Temperature DSC (MT-DSC) technology for easier data interpretation and new capabilities for product development.

    We stand firmly behind our products and now offer a 5 YEAR PARTS ONLY FURNACE WARRANTY* with new instruments.

  • DSC 4000

    The DSC 4000 offers dependable performance and quality results. This single-furnace, heat flux DSC is designed to run all your routine applications and includes an easy-to-load vertical furnace that is resistant to oxygen and chemical corrosion.

    We stand firmly behind our products and now offer a 5 YEAR PARTS ONLY FURNACE WARRANTY* with new instruments.

  • PerkinElmer

    Black Tygon R2400 Tubing, 0.25 in O.D., 0.125 in I.D., 1FT

    Multi-purpose Tygon R2400 tubing is used on a variety of different PerkinElmer instruments. It has an outer diameter 0.25 in, inner diameter 0.125 in, and is black. The tubing is sold by the foot.
    List Price : 5.00 USD
  • B0143017-ThermalPans-and-Covers

    Alumina Sample Cup Lids - Qty. 2

    The Alumina Sample Cup Lids are made from 99.9% pure alumnia. Qty. 2

    List Price : 113.00 USD
  • B0143017-ThermalPans-and-Covers

    Aluminum Pan Starter Kit - Qty. 50

    The Aluminum Pan Starter Kit includes fifty of each type of aluminum pan and 350 covers. This starter kit is for use with the Pyris 1 Autosampler, DSC 7 RS and DSC -4 RS.

    List Price : 857.00 USD
  • Copper Sample Pans and Covers

    These Copper Sample Pans and Covers have an operating range of -170 to 730°C and a volume capacity of 40 µL. Typically used in applications such as antioxidant testing (O.I.T.), thermoset and thermoplastic glass transitions, and melting point determinations. Included are 200 pans and 200 covers.

    List Price : 530.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Aluminum Vapor Pressure Pan Kit for TGA 8000 and Pyris 1 TGA

    This Aluminum Vapor Pressure Pan Kit includes 100 volatile pans and 100 pierced covers with a 50 µm diameter hole centered in the cover which can be used for finding boiling points, heat of vaporization, or sublimatation studies. Each aluminum sample pan and cover has an operating range of -170° to 600 °C and a volume 20 µL.
    List Price : 411.00 USD
  • List Price : 90.00 USD
  • Flat Round Forceps

    These stainless steel straight forceps are hooked, non-magnetic, and non-serrated.

    List Price : 79.00 USD
  • Extension Autozero Cylinder

    The Extension Autozero Cylinder is a reference standard used to calibrate the TMA 7, DMA 7, and DMA 7e analyzers. It comes standard in the TMA 7 Extension Analysis Kit (N5190619).

    List Price : 53.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Temperature Calibration Kit

    The Temperature Calibration Kit Kit Includes an Indium wire (1.5 mm dia), a PMMA test sample (Qty. 5), and FEB tubing.

    List Price : 264.00 USD
  • Tare Weight Set

    The Tare Weight Set consists of 12 stainless steel, flat body weights, ranging from 1 to 500 mg. Each weight is labeled with its weight value. Weight values meet ASTM 6 Class tolerances. This set also includes a set of forceps. This set can be ordered separately using this part number.

    List Price : 74.00 USD
  • 2811.jpg

    Filter Dryer Kit

    Filter Dryer Kit removes moisture and particulates from your purge gas. Includes all the necessary fittings needed to make pneumatic connections easy
    List Price : 476.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Stainless Steel Calibration Material

    The Stainless Steel Calibration Material is used to calibrate the DMA 8000 anaylzer.

    List Price : 80.00 USD
  • Standard Stirrup Kit - Qty. 2

    The Standard Stirrup Kit includes two matched stirrups consisting of a hook, stirrup ring, and frame designed to support a sample pan sitting inside the stirrup ring. These stirrups are used with the Provectus 6500 Ultramicrobalance and ship with the Provectus 6500 Installation Kit.

    List Price : 235.00 USD
  • Quick Press Spacer Die - Qty. 1

    The Quick Press Spacer Die is a spool-like, stainless steel rod, approximately 7/8 in high with a diameter of 0.875 in. It is a component of the Quick Press and is used to seal large volume stainless steel capsule. Qty. 1

    List Price : 185.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Standard Sample Pan Crimper Head - Replacement

    This replacement Crimper Head is a replacement part for the Standard Sample Pan Crimper Press (02190048). With this part number, you can purchase a crimper head as a replacement or spare.

    List Price : 480.00 USD
  • Quick Press

    Included in the Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit (P/N 03190021).
    List Price : 1778.00 USD
  • Platinum Cover for Sample and Reference Cells, 1 ea.

    For use with the Pyris 1 DSC Autosampler. Two required for each sample holder. Use these pans and covers when gold and graphite pans and covers are not suitable. Used to analyze mineral, soil, and ceramic samples. Also used to allow a chemical reaction where platinum acts as a catalyst. Covers are easy to clean and are reusable. A crimper is not required.
    List Price : 355.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Perkalloy Wire Kit

    The Perkalloy Wire Kit is a calibration standard for TGA analyzers. Perkalloy has a magnetic transition temperature of 596°C for the TGS-2. This kit includes three 2-in long wire pieces of Perkalloy and a Certificate of Analysis.

    List Price : 87.00 USD
  • Large Volume Stainless Steel Capsule Kit

    This kit includes Quick Press (09908467), Quick Press Spacer Die (03191047), 1 pair of guard Ring Inserts (03190236), and 20 of each Pan, Cover and O-Ring (03190218). Pans can withstand an internal pressure of 24 bar, which allows water samples to be heated higher than 100 °C. Each pan has an operating range of -40 °C to 300 °C, unless otherwise limited by the sample vapor pressure.
    List Price : 2472.00 USD
  • Encapsulated Kit, Includes Indium and Zinc

    DSC Sample Calibration Kit

    The DSC Sample Calibration Kit includes a small calibration sample of Indium, a foil strip calibration sample of Zinc, an Aluminum Sample Pan Kit (02190041), and a 6 mm Calibration Disc (02510008).

    List Price : 111.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Sealing Insert for Autosampler Sample Pans - 10, 30, and 50 µL

    The Sealing Insert for 10µL, 30µL and 50µL Autosampler Sample Pans is one of the interchangeable inserts required by the Universal Crimper Press (B0139005). With this insert, you can crimp hermetically-sealed or volatile pans, such as Autosampler Pans and Covers (B0169319).

    List Price : 88.00 USD
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