Polymers & Plastics

The polymers market consists of vastly diverse industrial manufacturers serving industries like packaging, construction, automotive, aviation, electronics, paints, resins and more. Although these manufactures run many different processes, they face a lot of the same challenges; to develop innovative solutions, streamline processes, ensure effective quality and cost control, all while meeting national standard requirements.

Materials laboratories face increasing polymer testing challenges from raw materials right up to finished products. Material identification and characterization is crucial at every stage. PerkinElmer's comprehensive portfolio of polymer analysis solutions is designed to give you the highest accuracy, sensitivity, and ease of operation your laboratory demands. You can confidently test your plastic and polymer samples to the composition and performance standards you require, such as melting point and glass transition. What's more, a range of complementary services is available to keep your laboratory up and running, to meet the stringent requirements in a variety of environments.

With more than 80 years of experience plus our comprehensive portfolio of polymer testing instruments and solutions across thermal analysis, molecular spectroscopy, chromatography, atomic spectroscopy and hyphenated techniques, you will find PerkinElmer is the ideal partner for ensuring the quality and reliability of polymers and plastics analysis.

Research & Development (R&D)

Our comprehensive polymer analysis product portfolio has the flexibility to support ongoing innovation and keep up with your lab's ever-changing requirements providing both identification and characterization of your materials as well as failure analysis/contaminants analysis, additive and emissions analysis.

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Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC)

Simplify and accelerate your polymer analysis for highest productivity. Confidently and reliably test your plastic and polymer samples to the performance standards that you require. Learn more about Materials Identification, Materials Performance and Residual Monomer Content.

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Recycling of Plastics

Accurate identification leading to proper separation is critical for the recycling process. Effectively profile materials, identify compositions and meet quality control requirements to bring your recyclates to market faster and in line with your customer requirements.

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Better identify and quantitate microplastics as well as the organic and bacterial pollutants that attach to them. We provide cutting-edge identification and characterisation technology to tackle the impact of microplastics on the environment and our food chain.

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Chromatography Instruments

Whatever your application, industry requirements or regulations, we have a breadth of solutions designed to solve your separation and detection challenges. Our ...

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Molecular Spectroscopy Instruments

Characterize advanced complex materials on any budget. Our comprehensive portfolio of analytical solutions has the ideal molecular spectroscopy instruments for ...

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Thermal Analysis Instruments

Improve accuracy, sensitivity, and performance in thermal analysis using our comprehensive portfolio of instruments. Applications of our industry-leading techno ...

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Featured Services


Partner with us and give your laboratory the benefits of cutting-edge instrumentation, consistently excellent consumables and the industry’s largest, most trust ...

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PerkinElmer’s Informatics solutions empower customers to gain critical insights from data analytics, accelerating informed decisions. Unify data and fast-track ...

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Laboratory Services

Today’s scientific lab leaders are facing new pressures and demands to continue to innovate while looking for more lab productivity. With tighter deadlines, inc ...

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