Polymer Identification

One of the principal analytical techniques for identifying polymers is infrared (IR) spectroscopy. We deliver a family of advanced instruments, from the Spotlight 200i and Spotlight 400 IR imaging systems to the portable, fast, and easy-to-use Spectrum Two IR system, all outfitted with ready-made protocols, a materials library, and unique Spectrum Touch software. These are the instruments of choice for researchers involved in the identification and quantification of synthetic polymer microbeads, as well as for analyzing other compounds in water – everything from visible plastic to below-100 µm microplastics.

An important factor in identifying the source of a microplastic particle is the additives used to enhance polymer performance. A common technique is thermal analysis or pyrolysis, combined with GC/MS for high-sensitivity analysis of polymers and their organic additives (as well as characterization of particles below 100 µm). ICP-MS analysis is also used for identification and analysis of inorganic additives in the plastic.

Typical applications in microplastic particle characterization include:

  • Polymer identification and quantitation
  • Organic additive identification in polymers
  • Inorganic additive identification in polymers

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedure.


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