Automobiles are complex mechanical systems made from thousands of different components. From glass to paints to plastics and polymers to the fuels that help them run, each component must work as one system to ensure optimal performance of the vehicle as well as the wellbeing of the passenger. Performance requirements and safety standards must be met as safety and quality controls of automobiles and automotive components have become stricter globally.

Meeting international regulations and consumer expectations for vehicles or vehicle parts requires a rigorous regime of quality testing to ensure product safety and efficacy – one that takes stringent government regulations and environmental concerns into account. Our diverse portfolio of technologies, services, and consumables as well as deep industry expertise serve the automotive industry globally, including heavy vehicles, passenger vehicles, sports cars, and motorcycles. We’re helping you to improve quality, efficiency, and safety all while reducing environmental impact.

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Glass & Glass Coatings

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Polymers & Plastics

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Semiconductor & Electronics

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Thermal Analysis Instruments

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Molecular Spectroscopy Instruments

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Chromatography Instruments

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Atomic Spectroscopy Instruments

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Laboratory Services

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Gas Chromatography Engineered Solutions

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Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer

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OilExpress 4

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