Application Note

Determination of Ethylene Glycol in Used Mineral Oil by GC-FID, Using a Simplified Ethanol Extraction Method


Global demand is increasing for environmentally friendly waste treatment options for used mineral oils such as motor oil, lubricants, insulating liquids and hydraulic oils. New waste treatment options allow for the recycling of used oils into new useful raw materials, thus reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a cleaner environment. During the recycling process, contaminants, such as ethylene glycol, are removed from the used oil and a clean base oil is produced which can later be used in the production of new lubricant oils or can be mixed with freshly refined base oils.

In this application note, a simple and effective method for the extraction and analysis of ethylene glycol in a used oil sample is presented. Utilizing a solvent extraction method, followed by analysis utilizing a Clarus® GC with FID detector, the cost of the analysis can be significantly reduced, while maintaining method efficiency and data quality.