Water Analysis

Our water analysis solutions help customers worldwide analyze even the most diverse matrices and time-sensitive drinking, surface, ground water and waste samples to ensure regulatory compliance aiding in our world-wide goal for contamination-free water. We have extremely reliable, proven ICP-MS, ICP-OES, GC, GC/MS, LC, LC/MS, LC/MS/MS and UV/Vis/NIR technologies for water testing.

  • Superior ICP-MS technology for lead, copper and other trace metals testing to ensure compliance with EPA, ISO and APAC regulations
  • Accurate and fast GC/MS technology for volatile and semi-volatile organic testing using enhanced sample prep and sample introduction applications ensuring the highest degree of instrument uptime
  • High quality optical features and excellent performance specifications from UV/Vis technology are perfect for reliable and accurate quantification of heavy metals and other inorganic and organic elements in water
  • Simple and effective tools to demonstrate regulatory compliance and identify the causes of non-compliance
  • Durable, unparalleled stability and reliability for standard testing, emerging microplastics applications and detection of nanoparticles

Expertise in Robust Water Testing Solutions

Testing matrices such as water, soil, sediment, and sludge while meeting stringent regulatory requirements can be challenging. A critical success factor for an environmental testing lab is establishing comprehensive and rigorous workflows. Over the past 30+ years, La Drome Laboratoire, in Valence, France and PerkinElmer have engaged in a collaborative relationship. LaDrome is recognized for its expertise in the analysis of specific pollutants in a large number of environmental matrices. PerkinElmer is honored to be a partner, helping them solve business challenges.

La Drome demonstrates true performance excellence within environmental testing. Dr. Floriane Queiroga, R&D Manager explains, how the PerkinElmer QSight® 420 LC/MS/MS is critical to achieving daily throughput and productivity objectives while handling thousands of samples and delivering quality and timely results to their customers.

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