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If you are involved in water quality analysis, our established workflows save you time in method development and sample preparation and ensure your results are accurate and reliable. Whether you are involved in the testing of drinking water, wastewater, surface or ground water, PerkinElmer can provide you with easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions to suit any workload – large numbers of everyday samples, quick turnarounds and emergencies, even testing in the field and on the fly. Solutions for environmental professionals that do whatever it takes to ensure their customers and stakeholders receive reliable and accurate analytical testing for ensuring water quality and human health.

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This white paper is designed to provide an overview of the evolving regulations as laid out in the proposed new EU drinking water standards. It offers a summary ...
Clean drinking water is essential to life – and it’s everyone’s right. That’s why governments, contract testing labs, state-run utilities, and bottled water man ...
The Weld County Public Health Laboratory works in conjunction with both the Environmental Health and the Public Health Education departments to support a variet ...
The Orange County Water District Advanced Water Quality Assurance Laboratory processes over 20,000 samples of water a year and relies on PerkinElmer instrumenta ...
“Water is life,” as Dr. Luca Lucentini of Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), is fond of saying. The availability and safety of water supplies is a global chall ...
The US EAP Method 537.1 is used for the determination of selected PFASs in drinking water by solid phase extraction and liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectr ...
This webinar discusses a number of topics relating to emerging contaminant analysis and workflow including the use of on-line solid phase extraction to improve ...
Growing environmental concern has led to stricter regulations of drinking water and water supplies over the past decade including routine monitoring and detecti ...
Pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPS) are an emerging environmental concern and include human and veterinary prescriptions, over-the-counter medicat ...

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