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As your laboratory grows, you can count on PerkinElmer to grow with you. Many of the instrument families within our portfolio offer easy and economically sensible upgrade paths.

When you purchase an instrument from us, in addition to gaining high levels of configurability with your equipment, you begin a relationship with a partner committed to your success. And you gain peace of mind, knowing that you can get everything you need for upgrading that instrument from one source.

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  • PerkinElmer

    Optical Breadboard Base Plate, Sample compartment

    Optional replacement for standard sample floor of LAMBDA 650//750/850/950/1050. Manufactured from stainless steel to help prevent corrosion and to allow the use of magnetic components. Supplied with industry standard hole patterns and thread sizes (1/4-20 tread size on 1” centers). Allows the use of almost unlimited array of holders, mounts or stages from a variety of vendors.
    List Price : 1070.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 11900.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 5280.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Praying Mantis Accessory

    The Praying Mantis Accessory is a highly efficient diffuse reflection collection system designed to minimize the detection of a sample's specular component. Its pivoting ellipsoids provide easy access to the sampling area. It is compatible with the LAMBDA 650/750/850/850+/950/1050/1050+ spectrometers.

    List Price : 17100.00 USD
  • Spectrum Two Battery Pack

    The Spectrum Two Battery Pack Battery Pack is an optional power supply for the Spectrum Two. This uninterruptable power source is an 18 V battery with a maximum current of 3 amps. The batter pack includes a 12 V USB car auxiliary port adapter. Required, but not included, is a voltage-specific, country power cord.

    List Price : 826.00 USD
  • Portability Pack for the Spectrum Two

    The Portability Pack for the Spectrum Two contains:

    • A battery pack (L1600233)
    • A 12 V car adapter (L9004128)
    • A carrying case for the Spectrum Two/UATR (L9004199/L9004200)
    • A USB wireless router (L9004198)
    List Price : 2730.00 USD
  • 12 Volt Car Adapter for the Spectrum Two

    The 12 V Car Adapter for the Spectrum Two N comes standard in the Spectrum Two N Portability Pack (L1600238). Its dimensions are 160 (W) x 72 (H) x 29 (D) mm, and it weighs 325 g.

    List Price : 103.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    ATR Crystal Kit - Germanium

    The ATR Crystal Kit includes a 6.75 mm Germanium imaging crystal with an anti-reflection coating, a stainless steel ATR Crystal Sleeve, and a bonding jig. Crystal alignment and bonding instructions included.

    List Price : 3480.00 USD
  • Wireless Router Kit for the Spectrum Two

    The Wireless Router Kit for the Spectrum Two enables a secure, remote, wireless connection to the PerkinElmer FT_IT portal. This kit includes the router with password and an installation guide.

    List Price : 394.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Silicone Crystal with Holder - Spare

    The Spare Silicone Crystal with Holder comes standard with the Micro ATR Objective Upgrade Kit (L1860334). With this part number, this crystal can be ordered separately as a replacement or spare.

    List Price : 3050.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Mid-IR Polarizer Kit - KRS-5

    Polarized radiation is used to study orientation effects single crystals, polymers, and other large molecules.
    List Price : 5570.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 182.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 294.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 1130.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 1070.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 1070.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Infrared Polarizer Kit

    The Infrared Polarizer Kit includes a silver bromide (AgBr) polarizer and is used to study orientation effects of single crystals, polymers and other large molecules. Polarization measurements are also used to determine optical constants and to assist in the assignment of observed absorption bands to normal modes of vibration.
    List Price : 6390.00 USD
  • Hydride ICP Generation System MP2 6

    Hydride ICP Generation System, including MP2 6 channel precision micro pump and gas-liquid separator.
    List Price : 11700.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Germanium Crystal with Holder - Spare

    The Germanium Crystal with Holder is a spare or replacement part for the Micro ATR Objective Upgrade Kit (L1860334). It covers the range 5,500-600cm-1, depending on MCT detector cut-off.

    List Price : 2720.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    External Beam Upgrade Kit - KBr, Left Side

    The External Beam Upgrade Kit upgrades PerkinElmer Spectrum One systems without an external beam merging from the left side of the instrument. It includes a potassium bromide (KBr) window accessory (L1200407) and an adjustable J-Stop Mirror Assembly (L1200434).

    List Price : 2070.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Micro ATR Objective Upgrade Kit

    The Micro ATR Objective Upgrade Kit upgrades Spotlight 400, Spotlight 200i, Spotlight 100i, and microscope systems without an ATR capibility with a micro ATR facility that covers the range 5,500 – 600 cm-1.

    List Price : 9020.00 USD
  • Model 5X Beam Condenser, including transfer optics and Microsample Disk Holder

    5X Beam Condenser

    The 5X Beam Condenser is designed for the easy IR analysis of microsamples, such as KBr microdisks, paint flakes, small spots on polymer films, and single fibers. This accessory includes transfer optics, the Microsample Disk Holder, and user instructions.

    List Price : 4270.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Micro ATR Objective for the Multiscope Systems

    The Micro ATR Objective for the Multiscope Systems is an optional cassegrain objective with a 100 µm germanium or silicon crystal. This unique spring-loaded mounting device ensures optimum crystal to sample contact and protects the crystal when not in use. This accessory is included with the Micro ATR Objective Upgrade Kit (L1860334)

    List Price : 15300.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    ATR Imaging Sample Support - Qty. 10

    The ATR Imaging Sample Support is a stainless steel disc, 27 mm in diameter and 1.5 mm high. This disc comes stacked in a plastic container. Qty. 10

    List Price : 225.00 USD
  • Absolute Fixed-angle Reflectance Accessory, VN 45 Degree for PerkinElmer Lambda 800/900 Spectrometer

    Absolute reflectance measurements directly measure the reflectance of the sample without the need for a reference sample. However, to verify that the accessory is properly aligned and the system is providing accurate data, periodic checking with calibrated mirror is recommended. Absolute reflectance measurements require an accessory in which the optical path is identical except for the presence or absence of the sample. The V-N optical configuration is a convenient way of achieving this. The V-N accessories are used in combination with an integrating sphere detector, and depolarization is required for angles greater than 15 degrees. Typical applications include front and back-surface reflectance, and anti-reflection coatings.
    List Price : 11100.00 USD
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