Microplastics Analysis

With more than 80 years of delivering analytical solutions, PerkinElmer is a trusted partner for your microplastics analytical and research needs, including the identification of microplastics and associated pollutants, and eco-toxicological studies focusing on genomic and proteomic effects microplastics have on marine organisms. Our comprehensive and innovative solutions will help you to better identify and quantitate microplastics and the organic pollutants which can accumulate on their surfaces as well as to measure their biological impact on the marine and freshwater ecosystems and the food chain.

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Nanomaterials and microplastics are not new to us. Nanomaterials, chemical structures with at least one dimension of 1 to 100 nanometers, are produced through n ...
Analysis of both environmental samples and consumer products containing microplastics is essential to determine their prevalence and impact.
Researchers worldwide are looking for technology to more effectively collect, measure and analyze microplastics in the environment so they can better understand ...
PerkinElmer infrared imaging and microscopy systems are the culmination of a long PerkinElmer tradition of exceptional optics and purpose-built IR microscopes a ...
To see more than you've ever seen from Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), turn to PerkinElmer, where DSC was invented. Our comprehensive line of high-perf ...
Analytical scientists and manufacturers working on new product development and process improvements need the ability to perform in-depth characterization of mat ...

Microplastics Analysis Solutions

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