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Our mission of innovating for a healthier world is at the heart of everything we do. We help customers make smarter decisions, earlier diagnoses, more effective treatments and scientific breakthroughs.

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Detect and identify disease, contaminants and biological pathways
Visualize biological, cellular and clinical insights
Unify, visualize and analyze your data
Customized laboratory management, research and clinical solutions
Screening and diagnostic solutions for earlier clinical insights
Life Sciences
Disease research, drug discovery and QA/QC for faster drugs to market
Food safety and quality testing for feeding a growing population
Air, water and soil testing for a safer planet
Chemical and material testing for better products

Key Trends and Insights

Advancing Inflammation, Arthritis and Oncology Disease Research with MMP Fluorescent Imaging Probes

The ability to monitor and visualize biological targets, pathways, and processes to obtain physiologically relevant timepoints in the context of the living system is crucial in preclinical research. The flexibility of acquiring multiple “snap-shots” during the in vivo phase of the experiment allows you to better track biological events and determine the optimal times for ex vivo phase endpoints such as histology, blood chemistry analysis and ELISA assays. Using probes such as MMPSense® fluorescent agents can help you to acquire new and useful data that would otherwise be missed using standard endpoint measurements as well as maximizing time, animal resources and cost.

Advancing Inflammation, Arthritis and Oncology Disease Research with MMP Fluorescent Imaging Probes
Strategic Lab Service Decisions Procurement Can Make to Impact Revenue
Asset Genius Monitoring Case Study
Outcome Focused KPIs for Whole Lab Optimization
Food Adulteration and Authenticity Compendium
Tracking Elusive Breast Cancer Cells

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Meet the Screening Experts: New features for better assay data QA/QC and reporting

August 29 - August 29, 2019 |
Boston, USA

MEET THE SCREENING EXPERTS. With Dr. Daniel Weaver, PerkinElmer Solutions Architect "New features for better assay data QA/QC and reporting". Recent updates to TIBCO Spotfire® and Signals™ Screening have dramatically improved the capabilities of those systems to streamline scientists' workflow for data processing and curve fit QA/QC. Now assay scientists can leverage Spotfire to process their week's screening data and generate the expected assay run reports all with a handful of clicks.. Join us for a fast and informative 30 minutes of demonstration and Q&A to see how you can accelerate your science..

World Molecular Imaging Congress 2019 (WMIC)

September 04 - September 07, 2019 |
Montréal, Canada

WMIS members and others in the field of Molecular Imaging from around the world meet annually at our World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC), the only meeting that provides a unique platform for scientists and clinicians with very diverse backgrounds to interact, present, and follow cutting-edge advances in molecular imaging. In addition to the preclinical, basic sciences and translational coverage, much of the program is clinically driven, building a powerful bridge between the clinical and preclinical imaging..