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Our mission of innovating for a healthier world is at the heart of everything we do. We help customers make smarter decisions, earlier diagnoses, more effective treatments and scientific breakthroughs.

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Detect and identify disease, contaminants and biological pathways
Visualize biological, cellular and clinical insights
Unify, visualize and analyze your data
Customized laboratory management, research and clinical solutions
Screening and diagnostic solutions for earlier clinical insights
Disease research, drug discovery and QA/QC for faster drugs to market
Food safety and quality testing for feeding a growing population
Air, water and soil testing for a safer planet
Chemical and material testing for better products

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Register Now: Protect Your Lab from the Adverse Effects of Summer Weather Webinar

Rising heat and humidity from hot summer days can wreak havoc in your lab. Instruments placed near windows can see massive temperature swings throughout the day, and high humidity can lead to moisture issues, both causing instrument performance issues or delivering incorrect results. Any potential downtime of instruments can create delays in the project and interrupt workflows. Can your lab afford that? Join us on July 17 and learn how, with Asset Genius™ Monitoring, you can prepare your lab to withstand the heat and humidity of summer.

Register Now: Protect Your Lab from the Adverse Effects of Summer Weather Webinar
Advancing Inflammation, Arthritis and Oncology Disease Research with MMP Fluorescent Imaging Probes
Asset Genius Monitoring Case Study
Outcome Focused KPIs for Whole Lab Optimization
Food Adulteration and Authenticity Compendium
Tracking Elusive Breast Cancer Cells

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Upcoming Events

AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

August 06 - August 08, 2019 |
Anaheim, USA

The 71st AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo showcases the cutting-edge science and technology shaping the future of laboratory medicine. Connect with global leaders in clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, mass spectrometry, translational medicine, lab management and other areas of breaking science in laboratory medicine..

The Bioprocessing Summit

August 12 - August 15, 2019 |
Boston, USA

The Bioprocessing Summit convenes 1,500 international bioprocess professionals to share practical solutions for today's bioprocess challenges. The event has grown to include 17 distinct conferences with weeklong programming on upstream and downstream processing, analytical development and quality, formulation and stability, cell and gene therapy production, and manufacturing. Along with the impressive array of conferences, the Summit also includes short courses and training seminars that provide in-depth coverage of critical bioprocess topics..