PureView Certified and MS Certified Vials Interactive Brochure


It’s a common misconception that all vials are created equal. In fact, their quality and cleanliness can vary significantly. Many people think vials and caps are an inexpensive commodity that won’t impact your results, but they’re mistaken.

Vials and closures are a critical part of your daily workflow – they’re as important as the instruments and columns you trust to get accurate results day after day. Not only do their physical attributes affect overall analysis, but also their quality of glass and septa play a key role in your outcomes. Contamination from substandard glass or poor-quality septa can lead to interferences, inaccuracies, and failures, which ultimately drags down lab productivity.

Our superior range of vials and caps – PureView certified and MS certified – facilitate consistent results time and again. They may be small in size, but they’re mighty in performance.