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Battery Analysis Guide


Battery Analysis Guide

Battery Analysis Guide


This guide offers an overview of analyses required throughout the battery value chain - learn about innovative analytical solutions for testing every part of the battery, including the anode, cathode, binder, separator, and electrolyte. See the value in data generated from a variety of applications and the outstanding performance of the instrumentations used.

Different analytical techniques can be used at different stages of battery manufacture and recycling to detect and measure performance and safety properties such as impurities and material composition. Understanding materials and components used in batteries across the supply chain can allow manufacturers and those working on the development of new technologies to not only ensure the quality of the final product but gain valuable insights which may inform design decisions.

Download and explore this range of useful applications - using chromatography, atomic spectroscopy, molecular spectroscopy and thermal analysis -demonstrated with experimental results & conclusions for a breadth of requirements in R&D to QA/QC settings.