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Our sample holder supplies span both analytical and biological instrumentation.

  • For analytical testing, we offer a wide array of sample holder supplies for thermal, elemental, and infrared instruments.
  • For biological testing, we offer sample holder supplies for laboratory automation systems.

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  • PerkinElmer

    Sample Tilt Option for ARTA

    Arta Sample Tilt Stage Motorized
  • PerkinElmer
  • PerkinElmer

    Angular Scattering Option for ARTA

    Arta Angular Scattering Option
  • Fixed Angle Reflectance Holder for LAMBDA 365

    Fixed Angle Reflectance Holder for LAMBDA 365

    Designed for measuring specular reflectance spectra at a fixed angle (incident angle: 30° fixed). An easy-to-use specular reflectance accessory for analysis of solid samples, providing high-quality data for identifying films and coatings, measurement of the film thickness, and surface studies of metals.
  • Variable Angle Transmission Holder, 0-75° for LAMBDA 365

    Variable Angle Transmission Holder, 0-75° for LAMBDA 365

    Used for transmittance measurement of various samples of film, glass, plate, etc. at various angles. It adjusts the angle of solid samples for transmission measurements (0~80°). It also accommodates various thickness samples and large samples. This accessory allows reproducible measurement at multiple angles without moving the mounted sample. The angle is easily set by rotating the sample mounting stage.
  • Rectangular Long Path Cell Holder

    The Rectangular Long-path Cell Holder accepts cells with pathlengths from 10 to 100 mm. This optional cell holder is easy to install and has the same footprint as the Standard Cell Holder. It is designed for a precise t and gives you maximum reproducibility.
    List Price : 1131.00 USD
  • 50 mm Transmission/ Reflectance Sphere, High Sensitivity for LAMBDA 365

    50 mm Transmission/ Reflectance Sphere, High Sensitivity for LAMBDA 365

    Used for measuring the diffuse reflectance (SCE), total transmittance, diffuse transmittance, and performing color analysis. It has a spectral range of 230~1100 nm (UV and visible). Its port size is 10.00 mm and the spectral bandwidth is 5 nm. It comes with White Standard included.
  • PerkinElmer
    List Price : 424.00 USD
  • Magnetic Stirrer Assy, Manual for LAMBDA 365

    Magnetic Stirrer Assy, Manual for LAMBDA 365

    Consists of magnetic stirring controller, stirring head, and magnetic stirring bar for 10 mm pathlength cuvette. It is used with single cell holders and multicell holders to add stirring capability. It is ideal for small to medium stirring volumes of low-viscosity liquids. There is a control unit with a rated stirring power of 10 watts. The operating temperature range is 0°C to 40°C.
  • PerkinElmer

    Nano Stick‐S, Z 15 Silver 2 μL 0.5 mm

    Each Nano Stick standard package kit (with case) comes with 1 Nano Stick, 1 loading plate, 1 bubble checker, and a user guide. The preferred color of your choice can be selected (Black, Blue, Red, Gold, or Silver). The Z-Dimension, the height of the center of the light beam, is 15 mm. The beam pathlength is 0.5 mm. Fits standard 10 mm cell holder. D Nano Sticks have dual sampling ports and S have a single sampling port.
    List Price : 1458.00 USD
  • PerkinElmer

    Transmission Port Small Spot Kit

    Comprising Integrating sphere contained in a module which simply snaps into the spectrometer and is ready to be used without any adjustment. integrating spheres is the industry standard for the measurement of total reflectance, diffuse reflectance and diffuse transmittance measurements for a huge range of sample types. The 60 mm and 100 mm Integrating Sphere are used for routine diffuse reflectance and diffuse transmittance measurements.
  • PerkinElmer

    Combusto-Cone, Flexible, Pack of 1,000

    For supporting liquid samples in combustion baskets. Used in a System 387 sample oxidizer for liquid scintillation counting.
    List Price : 434.00 USD
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