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HP LAMBDA Linear Cell Changer

The HP LAMBDA Linear Cell Changer transports both sample and reference positions for the high performance LAMBDA spectrometers.

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The HP LAMBDA Linear Cell Changer requires a set of cell holders, chosen from the following:

  • 2 x Long Pathlength 5-Cell Holder (B0089439)
  • 2 x Water Thermostattable 8-Cell Holder (B2205411)


Model Compatible With LAMBDA 20, LAMBDA 20Bio, LAMBDA 40, LAMBDA 40Bio, LAMBDA 40P, LAMBDA 265, LAMBDA 365, LAMBDA 465, LAMBDA 650, LAMBDA 750, LAMBDA 800, LAMBDA 850, LAMBDA 850+, LAMBDA 900, LAMBDA 950, LAMBDA 1050, and LAMBDA 1050+
Product Group Cell Holders and Changers
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High-End UV-VIS-NIR Solutions in Advanced Materials Testing Flyer

Advanced optical materials, nanomaterials, and manmade chemicals can go a long way toward addressing the most vexing issues of our day. In materials testing, there’s sometimes a need to characterize complex samples, such as laser protection lenses, architectural glasses, optical filters, and anti-reflective coatings. Whether you’re performing testing and analysis in specialty glass/glazing, virtual reality, optoelectronics, automotive, laser technology, or solar panels, we have the right solution for you with our high performance LAMBDA series and appropriate sampling accessories.

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