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Water Thermostatted 8-Cell Holder

The 8-Cell Water-Thermastatted Cell Holder holds up to eight standard 10 mm cells. It can be used in either the sample or reference position. It requires, but does not include:

  • A recirculating bath for sample temperature control.
  • An automatic cell changer.

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The 8-Cell Water-Thermostatted Cell Holder offers multi-cel, water-thermostatting capabilities for the all LAMBDA spectrometers, when the following accommodations are made:

  • Use the Automatic Linear Cell Transport Unit, B2000186, when working with LAMBDA 25/35/45.
  • Use the HP LAMBDA Linear Changer, L6020360, when working with the LAMBDA 2/12/14/14P/10/10Bio/20/20 Bio/40/40Bio/40P/265/365/465/650/750/ 800/850/850+/900/950/1050/1050+ .
  • Use the Front Plate Tube Connection Kit, N4101026, and the HP LAMBDA Linear Changer, L6020360, when working with the LAMBDA 365.

For temperature control, the 8-Cell Water-Thermostatted Changer can use the PerkinElmer water baths, B0080171 or N1915158, or a locally-sourced bath.


Model Compatible With LAMBDA 2, LAMBDA 10, LAMBDA 10Bio LAMBDA 12, LAMBDA 14, LAMBDA 14P, LAMBDA 20, LAMBDA 20Bio, LAMBDA 40, LAMBDA 40Bio, LAMBDA 40P, LAMBDA 265, LAMBDA 365, LAMBDA 465, LAMBDA 650, LAMBDA 750, LAMBDA 800, LAMBDA 850, LAMBDA 850+, LAMBDA 900, LAMBDA 950, LA
Product Group Cell Holders and Changers