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For a technical lab partner you can trust with your high performance motor sport testing requirements – we are a company with proven experience and expertise. The unique challenges faced by racing teams and their labs is something we well understand. Which is why we offer cutting-edge reliable instrumentation, service and support for your material and chemical analyses; covering internal working systems, tires, glass, polymers and other materials. We have years of experience providing cutting edge scientific instruments to help you meet the requirements of sports authority regulations and standards, supporting essential safety and superior performance for your vehicles.

  • Engine and Gearbox condition monitoring
  • Fuel, Lubricant & Coolant Analysis and Quality Control
  • Tyres, Glass and comprehensive matchar lab solutions
  • Mobile laboratories and Trackside
  • Hyphenated Solutions, Software and Lab Services

  • Our Experience & Solutions

Our Experience & Solutions

Renault F1® Team - Stronger and Safer with PerkinElmer Analysis

PerkinElmer has been helping Renault F1 Team's Enstone Technical Center with their analytical needs for nearly 30 years. PerkinElmer began by outfitting the team’s testing lab with the analytical instrumentation needed to conduct materials testing. Today, a dedicated PerkinElmer scientific laboratory operates within the team’s Enstone facility where the latest thermal analysis, infrared spectroscopy, and imaging technologies are being utilized for proactive monitoring, issue prevention, and performance enhancement of the team’s single seater. This case study shows you how we offer analytical expertise in helping Renault F1 Team master the thermal stability challenge.

VIDEO: Alonso and the Alpine F1 Team - Engine Conditioning Monitoring

Watch this short video on engine condition monitoring and quality control of fuels and lubricants featuring the Alpine F1 team and driver Fernando Alonso.

BLOG: How the INDY 500 Stays Fuel-Fair

PerkinElmer’s Mobile Fuel Analysis Team works all 17 INDYCAR races to analyze fuel samples.

BLOG: On-the-spot Fuel & Lubricant Analysis with Total

Read how instrumentation supports lubricant and fuel testing for motorbike racing at the highest levels.

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