From the halls of government to college campuses to our individual homes and businesses, recycling is a challenge we’re all facing – together. The environmental consequences of plastic waste are visible in the ever-increasing levels of global plastics pollution both on land and in our oceans. To help address this challenge, polymer recycling has become a growing industry, and plastics once destined for landfills are now being recycled into new products. But to get better quality of recycled polymers, it’s important to presort plastics – so accurate identification leading to proper separation is critical for the industrial plastic recycling process. Plus, it’s important to check the mechanical properties of polymers and have a final quality check of the end product.

Our solutions make use of the most commonly used techniques for material characterization. Material identification and characterization can be performed throughout the entire recycling process allowing for an in-depth understanding of the materials from start to finish. These cover:

  • Raw Materials Identification
  • Polymer/Material Characterization
  • Mechanical and Thermal Characterization

Additionally, the recycling packages support the Plastic Identification Codes (PIC), used worldwide for packaging applications. The PIC was introduced by the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc., to provide a uniform system for the identification of various polymer types and to help recycling companies separate various plastics for reprocessing.

Be a Pro PET Analyzer - From Safety to Recycling

In a world reliant on achieving ever-more sustainable plastics to safe-guard our shared environment, PET has an important role to play. It’s the most common thermoplastic polymer resin, is universally recognized as safe and non-toxic, and has the highest recycling rate.  So, advances in PET to RPET are vital in shaping the future of plastics used in packaging worldwide.

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Insights, Challenges & Future Trends

Hear first-hand from an industry expert about optimal plastics recycling processes, pathways and workflows that can best fit your business and needs.

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QA/QC Control of Raw Materials & Products

Simplify and accelerate your polymer analysis for highest productivity. Confidently and reliably test your plastic and polymer samples to the performance standards that you require. Learn more about Materials Identification, Materials Performance and Residual Monomer Content.

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R&D Polymer Research & Development

Our comprehensive polymer analysis product portfolio has the flexibility to support ongoing innovation and keep up with your lab‘s ever-changing requirements providing both identification and characterization of your materials as well as failure analysis/contaminants analysis, additive and emissions analysis?

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Polymer Recycling Package

Polymer and plastics recycling is a rapidly growing industry, fueled by the increasing consumption of goods and the associated increase in landfill waste. Not only does plastic recycling reduce environmental problems caused by polymeric waste accumulation, it will also lead to a decrease in oil consumption and green-house gas emissions. The PerkinElmer Recycling Packages make use of the most commonly used techniques for material characterization and additionally supports the Plastic Identification Codes (PIC), used worldwide for packaging applications.

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