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Polymer ID Analyzer

Accurate verification of identity, quality, and composition of polymers and their blends used in industries such as food packaging, construction, and automotive is essential to develop new products and ensure finished product quality. Polymer ID Analyzer from PerkinElmer is a compact and easy-to-use solution designed to simplify and accelerate your polymer analysis. Quickly and confidently identify unknown polymer samples, determine composition of blends, and verify quality.

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Accelerate your polymer analysis

Over 75 years of PerkinElmer’s expertise in spectroscopy has been distilled into Polymer ID analyzer – a Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer designed to provide operational simplicity, superb performance, and low maintenance. Simple installation and fast warm-up ensure quick set-up while a wide range of “plug-and-play” sampling accessories in a compact, portable instrument help move your analyses out of the laboratory.

PerkinElmer’s patented technology ensures superior spectra regardless of the polymer sample being analyzed. An exceptional signal-to-noise ratio, advanced electronics and optimized sensitivity guarantee consistent instrument performance. Analyze a wide range of polymers and complex blends with a dedicated spectral library and built-in functions.

Polymer ID Analyzer helps you:

  • Confidently analyze a wide range of polymers and complex blends
  • Maximize productivity with simple and rapid verification
  • Ensure quality control of raw materials, in-process samples and finished products
  • Reduce operational and training costs

Results at the touch of a screen

The Spectrum 10 software allows you to focus on what matters most – results. Dedicated to rapid analysis of a wide range of polymers, the comprehensive FT-IR software facilitates effortless data collection, processing, and generation of results. Users without scientific training can easily generate infrared spectra from a sample and validate them against reference spectra in minutes, or even seconds.

Spectrum Touch is our unique touch software interface designed for environments where use of a standard computer is impractical. Greatly simplify your polymer analysis workflow for accelerated results through:

  • Minimal decision points
  • Intuitive one-click operation
  • Multilingual options

Service & Support

PerkinElmer offers a range of instrument set-up, support, and training services so that you can get the best from your Polymer ID Analyzer. Our global network of over 1500 certified service technicians provide in-depth training, in addition to performing software and hardware upgrades. Our high-quality engineering and extensive testing process ensures years of trouble-free service. While offering preventive maintenance and instrument care, our service engineers also provide on-site, on-demand repair as required. And with telephone support from personnel operating in 150 countries, help is just a phone call away.


Technology Type Infrared Spectroscopy
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Application Note

Polymer Identification Using the PerkinElmer Mid-Infrared Polymer Analysis System

Synthetic polymers are widely used today, with diverse applications in various industries such as food, automotive, and packaging. The quality of plastic products depends on the quality of the polymers or polymer blends used during manufacturing. Identity verification and quality testing of those materials during every stage of manufacturing is necessary to ensure that only high-quality material is used.

Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy is ideally suited to qualitative analysis of polymer starting materials and finished products, quantification of components in complex polymer mixtures, and analysis of in-process samples. IR spectroscopy is reliable, fast and cost-effective. Furthermore, in conjunction with the data analysis packages included in the polymer analysis bundle, this analysis bundle gives the user the ability to gain valuable insights into a particular material.



From R&D to QA/QC

Innovation is the lifeblood of industrial polymer development – the push to improve materials or develop new ones infuses new life into the industry from R&D through to QA/QC. Manufacturers are continually challenged to ensure effective quality control and streamline processes while meeting stringent standards. Increasingly they must design for recycling and/or reuse in an ever more waste-adverse economy, keep a watchful eye on costs and stay ahead of the competition.

In response, we've gained years of experience developing a range of analytical capabilities to address a wide range of polymer analysis needs.

Download the interactive brochure to learn more about the most common challenges and our solutions in the market.



Polymer ID Analyzer Flyer

There is a growing demand for easy, accurate, and rapid qualitative and quantitative polymer analysis to enable increased productivity and faster product release. Whether you are a polymer producer or a buyer in food packaging, construction, or the automotive industry – accurate verification of identity, quality, and composition of materials is critical to ensure finished products hold up to your standards. The PerkinElmer Polymer ID Analyzer is a comprehensive Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) polymer analysis system that helps you quickly and accurately identify unknown polymer samples, determine the composition of polymer blends, and verify quality of raw materials.

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Simplified In-Service Lubricant Analysis for OilExpress 4 Ensemble Flyer

Your in-service lubricant testing lab demands high productivity and reliable results. Does your lab measure up to today’s standards with:

  • Effortless high-throughput oil analysis
  • Reliability and cost efficiency operations for highly automated, rapid, reliable oil condition monitoring results
  • Recognized industry standard protocols such as ASTM® and JOAP
  • With a full suite of instrumentation like Spectrum Two FT-IR and OilExpress 4 systems, consumables, training, and service, our combined oil condition monitoring package is designed to support every key aspect of your oil analyses.

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    Regulatory Compliance Certification

    White Paper

    Selection Criteria for Analytical Technologies that Meet Polymer Manufacture and Recycling Testing Needs

    This white paper discusses what testing is required at each step in the polymer production lifecycle from R&D to manufacture to recycling. It explores the analytical technologies that will meet those testing needs, and important considerations to help you select the instrumentation that will provide you with actionable and reliable data.

    From raw materials through intermediate and end products to recycling, each company needs a comprehensive and targeted testing program to ensure the quality of their work and regulatory compliance. Some operate their own in-house testing whilst others outsource testing to a contract laboratory for all or part of their analytical needs. In both scenarios, it is important that the company or laboratory carefully evaluate their needs and the ability of potential suppliers, instruments, and software to meet those needs.

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