All Wrapped-Up? Improve Your Plastic Packaging Analysis

Are you responsible for QA/QC in your company and care about your brand and customer satisfaction?

This webinar dives deep into the analytical techniques solving today’s challenges in the plastic packaging industry.

Gain understanding of polymer testing for quality and safety including packaging contamination. Learn from our expert speakers about multi-layer films testing with techniques covering IR microscopy and imaging to VOC measurements for off-gassing by Chromatography.

This webinar is ideal for packaging researchers and manufacturers supplying the food & beverage, health, beauty and consumer electronics industries.

Running Order:

  1. Introduction - Packaging Insights & the Industry: Gerlinde Wita (15 mins)
  2. IR Microscopy & Imaging for Laminates /Inclusions: Jo D’Herde (15 min)
  3. GCHS for VOC measurements: Aaron Davies (15 min)

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