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Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry Software

Demanding chromatography applications, from QA/QC to research, need to be supported by powerful software that  addresses the need for ease-of-use and different proficiency levels. PerkinElmer Chromatography software portfolio offers dedicated solutions driving operational efficiency of the lab. Browse the software portfolio for GC, GC/MS, LC and LC/MS/MS.

SimplicityChrom CDS Software

SimplicityChrom CDS Software, a modern, intuitive and flexible CDS software platform that enables you to efficiently control the instrument, process data, and generate results. Pair this functionality with the peace of mind of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and industry-leading service and support, and you're free to focus on what matters most - your analytical goals.

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Simplicity 3Q Software

The QSight Triple Quad LC/MS/MS Simplicity 3Q™ Software, featuring a modular flexible software architecture, includes a collection of integrated modules that guide users through a workflow-based experience from method development through to results, flexible data viewing options for sample data processing to accredited reporting.

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TotalChrom CDS

TotalChrom Chromatography Data System is designed from the ground up to fit your workflow and maximize your lab’s productivity, enabling you to acquire, process, report, review, and approve data, all in a streamlined series of operations. TotalChrom software delivers a comprehensive computing strategy that lets you manage your GC data quickly and securely, whether yours is a regulated or nonregulated lab environment.

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TurboMass Software

Designed for both routine and advanced users and applications, the intuitive, Windows® 7-compatible interface simplifies and streamlines all data handling and reporting functions. All the information you need—from chromatogram displays to library searches—is never more than a couple of clicks away.

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Chromatography Simplified: Maximizing the Power of PDA Data via Fully Integrated CDS Spectral Processing Tools

In this exciting webinar you will discover how you can benefit from an intuitive user experience and interface design for UV/Vis spectral processing, that enabl ...
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Chromatography Simplified – Improving LC Workflow Efficiency and Productivity

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover the difference that a focus on improving the user experience will have on your workflows and productivity.
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