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Laboratories in nearly every industry are continuously faced with growing demands for increased throughput, improved margins, and more efficient processes. And when it comes to liquid chromatography, a one-size-fits-all approach just isn’t enough. You need an LC system tailored to your needs, with user-friendly software, consumables, service, and support – the total package.

Whether you’re looking for a high-end HPLC or powerful UHPLC platform, our LC 300 systems help your lab achieve fast, accurate results. The LC 300 system was designed for very low dispersion, increasing separation efficiency, and lowering detection limits. It’s available with your choice of five high-sensitivity detectors (photodiode array, UV/Vis, multi-wavelength UV/Vis, fluorescence, and refractive index) to meet your diverse application needs. Other features and benefits include:

  • Choice of HPLC (10K psi/690 bar) or UHPLC (18K psi/1240 bar system to suit unique laboratory needs
  • Multiple sample-handling options with patented valve technology to meet existing and future requirements
  • Integrated color display providing system status at a glance
  • SimplicityChrom software for easy and intuitive instrument control
  • Available third-party drivers for several commercially available systems

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Laboratories in nearly every industry are continuously faced with growing demands for increased throughput, improved margins, and more efficient processes. And ...
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Each of the components of the LC 300 system come together seamlessly to deliver the dependability, power, and efficiency you need to achieve your goals. Whether analyzing food samples for label-claim accuracy, cannabis for potency, or pharmaceuticals and consumer goods for potential impurities, the LC 300 system, paired with SimplicityChrom CDS software, not only meets your needs, but grows with you.

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LC 300 Autosampler

The most important part of your lab’s workflow is the handling of your samples by the autosampler. Ensuring that samples are not subject to degradation or contamination, that required dilution or derivatization is done in an automated and fully documented manner, and that the samples themselves are injected precisely are all paramount to achieving reproducible and accurate analytical results. The LC 300 family of autosamplers have been engineered with the most advanced fluidics technology available, with close attention paid to ensuring precision and high reproducibility for superior analytical performance.

  • 10,000 psi (690 bar) or 18,000 psi (1240 bar) configurations available.
  • High visibility color LCD display showing complete LC system status, current queue and sample progress.
  • Integrated column oven with preheater to support a single column up to 150 mm in length.
  • Sample injection volumes as low as 1 µL, at pressures up to 18,000 psi
  • Optional Peltier cooling to provide uniform and precise cooling of all samples in the tray, as well as the environment surrounding them.
  • Patented injection valve design.
LC 300 Pump

Accurate, precise and rugged formulation and delivery of your mobile phase is critical to your results. The LC 300 Pump family utilizes an advanced implementation of a rugged linear drive to deliver ultra-precise gradient flows up to 10,000 psi (HPLC configuration) or 18,000 psi (UHPLC configuration). Each of the four pump heads is individually motor-driven and controlled, generating maximum freedom for precise flow control and pulsation reduction. Intelligent flow control algorithms in the microprocessor create stable and accurate solvent flows, no matter what solvents or flow rates you choose.

The LC 300 Pump incorporates truly automatic solvent compressibility compensation (no need to enter factors in the method), and is essentially self-cleaning via an active seal wash system that ensures maximum life of the piston seals. Unlike many other high pressure and ultra-high pressure solvent delivery system, the LC 300 was engineered to allow for quick routine maintenance to provide maximum uptime and lab productivity.

  • 10,000 psi (690 bar) or 18,000 psi (1240 bar) configurations available
  • Select from up to four solvents with binary solvent delivery
  • Integrated vacuum degassing technology
  • Self-priming to speed up and simplify solvent changeover and system start-up
  • Patent pending pump head design prevents the formation of air bubbles in the pump chamber
LC 300 Peltier Column Oven

While the LC 300 system incorporates an integrated column oven within the autosampler, occasionally the need to support multiple or long column formats is required. In addition, some applications require a column temperature specifically at or below ambient for optimal results. The LC 300 Peltier Column Oven was designed as the ideal solution for all of these situations.

The LC 300 Peltier Column Oven delivers precise and consistent temperature control, while offering a spacious multi-column compartment for quick and easy access. An integrated solvent pre-heater mechanism that affects solvent temperature before it reaches the column is employed to ensure maximum stability and reproducibility from run-to-run. An optional column selection valve can be installed at any time to support automated column selection of up to six columns via the SimplicityChrom chromatography data system (CDS).

  • Accurate and precise temperature control from 5°C to 90°C (75°C when the column selection valve is installed).
  • Temperature and vapor safety sensors with alarm.
  • Large column compartment that can accommodate HPLC or UHPLC columns up to 30 cm in length.
LC 300 Detectors

High-sensitivity detection is essential for most LC applications. The LC 300 system can be configured with one or more detectors to meet the needs of your laboratory. And with upgrade options available, your investment is future-proofed as your analytical needs grow or change.

Each of the LC 300 detectors features an integrated solvent and waste tubing management system while the PDA and two UV/Vis detectors also feature a built-in solvent organizer to reduce the number of modules in the LC stack, while also reducing asset management complexity.

  • LC 300 Photodiode Array Detector (PDA)

    The LC 300 PDA detector is ideal for laboratories balancing high sample throughput requirements with methods that demand high levels of sensitivity. Additionally, the PDA detector’s qualitative capabilities of spectral identification and confirmation reduce risk and increase confidence in analysis.

    The LC 300 PDA’s wide linear dynamic range (up to 2.0 AU with less than 3% deviation) rivals or exceeds that of even conventional UV detectors. Low baseline noise coupled with high linear dynamic range provides for the ultimate in analyte concentration tolerance. This allows detection from very low concentrations (those previously lost in the noise) to high concentrations, with no need to dilute samples. An interchangeable, modular, novel patented* flow cell design allows for one-motion installation and exchange, enabling greater flexibility and ultimately higher productivity in your lab. To further improve your sensitivity, an optional 50 mm flow cell is available. The combination of sampling rates up to 200 Hz, low optical dispersion, and the benefits of spectral identification make the LC 300 PDA detector the perfect solution for almost any application.

  • LC 300 Multi-Wavelength UV/Vis Detector (MWD)

    The LC 300 Multi-Wavelength UV/Vis detector (MWD) is designed for laboratories that require more than one single wavelength to be monitored, processed and stored per analysis. In fact, the LC 300 MWD allows for the collection of up to eight channels simultaneously at any desired wavelength or sampling rate. The LC 300 MWD offers a wide linear dynamic range (up to 2.0 AU, with less than 3% deviation), very low baseline noise, and sampling rates up to 200 Hz. This allows detection from very low to very high concentrations, with no need to dilute samples. Borrowing from the LC 300 PDA design, the MWD also features an interchangeable modular flow cell that allows for quick and easy one-motion installation and exchange, enabling greater flexibility and higher productivity in your lab. To further improve your sensitivity, an optional patented 50 mm flow cell is available. To future-proof your investment should your analysis needs change, you can upgrade your MWD to a full-featured photodiode array detector with spectral analysis capabilities.

  • LC 300 UV/Vis Detector (UV/Vis)

    The LC 300 UV/Vis detector was designed to achieve a high level of sensitivity and stability through innovative engineering. The LC 300 UV/Vis features a proven dual-beam optical design for ultimate stability and sensitivity. Utilizing an optional tungsten lamp, the LC 300 UV/Vis can be configured for high sensitivity in the visible region – a sacrifice many other detectors make when using a single, universal source lamp design. The LC 300 UV/Vis can be optimized for any application, and supports sample rates up to 100 Hz for UHPLC application needs.

  • LC 300 Fluorescence Detector

    The LC 300 Fluorescence detector enables the selective detection of fluorescing compounds, with sensitivity that can be up to 1,000 times greater than UV detection, which is critical in many applications. The LC 300 Fluorescence detector was designed to achieve a high level of sensitivity and stability through innovative engineering, including low noise electronics, an axially irradiated flow cell, and a dynamically temperature-controlled cell body design. The LC 300 Fluorescence detector can simultaneously collect data at two sets of wavelengths (excitation and emission) for additional chromatographic confirmation. An integrated mercury lamp is provided to check wavelength accuracy, ensuring confidence in performance.

  • LC 300 Refractive Index Detector

    The LC 300 Refractive Index (RI) detector enables the detection of compounds that do not absorb in the UV/Vis range, and do not naturally, or cannot be made to fluoresce. RI detection is commonly employed in the analysis of carbohydrates and sweeteners. The LC 300 RI detector was designed to achieve outstanding stability through an optical system mounted within a precisely temperature-controlled housing, reducing the impact of even subtle changes in ambient temperature. The LC 300 RI detector contains a long-life LED light source for the ultimate in uptime and productivity.






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