Assembly & Packaging

An essential part of semiconductor, IC assembly and packaging is selecting the right materials for this complex back end phase of the device manufacturing process. Whether configurating the metal can package, ceramic flat package or dual in line package, controlling and testing for contaminations in silicon wafer substrates, conductor materials, resins, silicon coatings, chemicals, and more, requires validation for purity prior to assembly to avoid introducing contaminates.

Contaminates introduced to wafer fabrication, component level packaging, module assembly, housing, and plastic components all affect the reliability, performance and ultimately the cost of the product, so the steps of encasing a die in various forms, like lead frame or laminate for optimal operation is critical. Like many other phases of semiconductor manufacturing, precise analytical sample testing is required to ensure the composition and quality of the assembly and packaging starting materials which are so critical to final device quality.

Analyzing cleanroom air for airborne contaminates like inorganic particles, organic compounds, and impurities introduced by manufacturing equipment and construction materials is necessary, while airborne molecular contaminations (AMCs) introduced by filtration systems or materials outgassing require different testing techniques and solutions. This very diverse analytical testing landscape means that a wide range of analytical solutions are required to meet the needs of semiconductor and electronics assembly and packaging phases.