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Semiconductor & Electronics Analysis


Semiconductor & Electronics Analysis Overview Flyer


Download this Flyer for an overview of PerkinElmer's analytical solutions for the Semiconductor industry.

This 2-page flyer outlines semiconductor and microelectronic workflows and applications, and the precise and reliable PerkinElmer solutions to address them - including instrumentation, consumables and supporting laboratory services. Improve your analytical science with cutting edge PerkinElmer solutions in; Spectroscopy, Chromatography, FTIR Microscopy, Thermal Analysis and UV-Vis.

Get the most from your analytical science for improved semiconductor research and chip production:

  • Streamline Operations and Lower Your Costs
  • Achieve 24/7 Operation and a Fully-Automated Lab
  • Get Ultratrace impurity detection to ppt/ppq levels

Monitor and control impurities and particle contamination across the manufacturing process - wafer, CMP slurries, metal interconnects, REE materials, photoresist, process chemicals and electronic gases. Establish the right set of processes and materials for the full integrated circuit (IC) process, and achieve 24/7 manufacturing and downstream production ROI.