Detailed Hydrocarbons & Simulated Distillation Analysis


A complete, turn-key solution for Simulated Distillation

Simulated Distillation (SimDist) is a gas chromatographic method designed to simulate the actual physical distillation of petroleum products and materials. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has approved methods (D2887, 7096, 6352, 7169, 7213 and 7500) which address defined hydrocarbon ranges. The Simulated Distillation software incorporates these approved methods. Each method details gas chromatographic parameters consistent with its scope and boiling range.

Utilizing the PerkinElmer Dragon SimDis Software, a chromatographic run representing the hydrocarbon sample is sectioned into uniform area slices using integration parameters set in a TotalChrom method. Boiling temperatures are assigned to a time axis using a calibration standard.

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  • CLARUS_590GC

    Model 3023 for Clarus 590 PPC ASTM Method 2887

    This Simulated Distillation Analyzer model supports ASTM Method 2887. Some features for this specific model include:
    • Extended temperature range and fast Simulated Distillation applications
    • ASTM default settings and custom settings
    • Intelligent calibration-table generation
    • Multiple solvent-exclusion capabilities
    • Result files are saved as CDF (AIA) format files and can be accessed by any third-party application that supports reading the AIA file format
    • D86 and D1160 correlations
    • Standalone processing or batch reprocessing
    • Set custom % off distillation reports
    • Custom cut-point reporting
    • Custom QC reporting