Meeting Regulatory Compliance in the HPI Value Chain

Meeting regulatory requirements is paramount in the petrochemical industry. Failure to meet these regulations can cause significant production delays, impact profit margins and strain relationships with partners throughout the value chain.

Your operations need reliable instrumentation to enable the analysis of your product in support of regulatory programs and requirements. That’s where PerkinElmer can help – our robust portfolio of instrumentation, including analyzers designed specifically for the petrochemical industry, provides the solutions you need to meet your regulatory requirements. Partner with PerkinElmer to mitigate regulatory risk with reliable, accurate and easy-to-use testing solutions.

Benefits of PerkinElmer’s Petrochemical Regulatory Compliance Solutions:

  • From refinery gas analyzers to simulated distillation, our turnkey solutions are guaranteed to meet or exceed the scope of required methodology of ASTM, UOP, GPA, EN-ISO and/or local regulatory requirements
  • Portable solutions for both laboratory and remote testing
  • Faster fuel quality and composition assurance
  • Purity analysis to highlight the presence of additives
  • Accurate analysis from upstream crude oils through to downstream finished gasoline
  • Simple, easy-to-use instrumentation and software
  • Speed to meet evolving standards