Coolant Chemistry Analysis

From sample preparation to results, you need reliable and versatile systems to perform your in-service testing of coolant properties. Get fast and accurate data in compliance with ASTM D6130 for elemental analysis of all coolant products including ELC chemistries. Fast track identification and quantification of additives like nitrate/nitrite in compliance with ASTM D7781, EPA 353.2 and PA 354.1. Taking care of your analytical needs from petrochemical engines to electric-powered vehicles. With our OneSource supporting services and easy access to reagents and consumables - we’re here to keep your lab flowing and primed to analyze:


  • Percent glycol for coolant concentration with GC-MS using refractive index test. Time-saving compatibility with existing GOIL testing
  • Wear metals, additives and contaminants with ICP-OES and LC for specific OAT tests
  • Cavitation Inhibitors such as Molybdate/Nitrate with UV-Vis
  • Additives/Inhibitors such as phosphate, nitrite, chloride, sulfate, bromide and glycolate from overheating
  • Organic Additives using HPLC for long life additive analysis (carboxylates and azoles)
  • Electric Vehicle Coolants with Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) in compliance with ASTM E794 and E1269

Whether handling 5, 50 or 500 samples a day, we pay especial attention to our customers' sample preparation needs. We help them transition, where beneficial, from manual test-strips to auto-sampling systems that save them time and cost in the long run. Our systems can even switch readily between lubricant and coolant tests, making your life even easier if your lab is handling both.

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