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Biodiesel Glycerin Analysis System 230V

The Biodiesel Glycerin System allows determination of the glycerin content, either as free glycerin or bound glycerin in the form of glycerides, to verify the quality of B100 biodiesel.

Part Number N6510311
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The System is configured as follows:

  • Clarus® 500 GC with integral liquid autosampler and flame ionization detector (FID)
  • All required accessories to run this application including: high-purity gas regulators, column, column connector, ASTM D-6584 standards kit, plus sufficient consumables to run ~500 samples
  • TotalChrom® CDS instrument control and data-handling software
Personal computer and monitor are not included and a day of training - including basic TotalChrom training, method setup and analyzer calibration - is strongly recommended. The Biodiesel Glycerin System allows determination of the glycerin content, either as free glycerin or bound glycerin in the form of glycerides, to verify the quality of B100 biodiesel.
  • Meets the testing requirements of ASTM D-6584 and EN 14105 for free and total glycerin
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use touch-screen interface allows quick setup and operation
The calibration/Internal standards are available but must be ordered separately.


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Maximum Temperature 450 °C
Minimum Temperature 10 °C
Portable No
Product Brand Name Clarus
Technology Type Chromatography
Warranty 1 year
Wave Length ASTM D6751
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Application Note

Free and Total Glycerol in B100 by Gas Chromatography According to Methods EN 14105 and ASTM D6584

This paper will present the analysis of free and total glycerol by GC-FID following the methodology of both EN 14105 and ASTM D6584. Analysis of calibration standards and example biodiesel samples will be presented.

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