Trace Contaminant Analysis for Petrochemicals

Detecting impurities in products, and their associated raw materials, is essential in producing high quality and safe petrochemical products. Identifying the presence, and subsequent cause, of impurities in petrochemical can ensure you identify potential problems before they begin to impact your operational efficiency and productivity.

PerkinElmer’s portfolio of instruments offer solutions for a number of contaminants, including inorganic elements and organic compounds. Our instruments have been designed to offer reliable and reproducible applications, while also ensuring efficiency with fast sample-to-sample analysis times.

Benefits of PerkinElmer’s Petrochemical Trace Contaminant Analysis Solutions:

  • High throughput with simultaneous background correction for faster sample-to-sample analysis time and improved accuracy
  • Simplified workflows and operations
  • Sensitive and exceptional solutions make even the most difficult samples easier to run
  • Optimize your profitability - Argon cost is cut in half with Avio ICP-OES
  • Application flexibility with three modes of operation with the NexION ICP-MS