Transformer Oil Gas Analysis


The advent of new technologies such as hydraulic fracking brings with it new and increased demands for rapid and reliable gas analyses on today's refineries and analytical laboratories to get accurate results. Flexibility, improved sensitivity, low maintenance, and customization of analyzers are vital to meet the challenges of today's laboratory needs.

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    Trace Gas Analyzers

    PerkinElmer offers a selection of Trace Gas Analyzers for the detection of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, ethylene, ethane, acetylene, oxygen/argon, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and total hydrocarbons. Our engineered solutions for trace gas analysis include FID, DID and PID detectors to ensure flexibility and increased instrument productivity. To ensure efficient setup within your laboratory, operation parameters are set and tested at the factory prior to shipment, with instrumental methods pre-loaded. Once installed, samples can be processed immediately, allowing you to optimize instrument up-time and productivity from day one.
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