Analysis of 102 Pesticide and 5 Mycotoxin Residues In Hemp Regulated By Colorado State


In this latest webinar, LC–MS/MS PerkinElmer expert Dr. Avinash Dalmia describes how LC–MS/MS based systems and methods can overcome the challenges associated with the analysis of pesticides and mycotoxins regulated by Colorado state in hemp with dual ESI and APCI source.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • List of pesticides and their different action limits in different US states and Canada for hemp/cannabis
  • Analysis of non-polar pesticides using novel LC–MS/MS method with dual ESI and APCI source
  • Ionization mechanism of non-polar pesticides with APCI source in negative ion mode
  • Mitigation of hemp matrix effects with LC and MS method optimization to improve method sensitivity to meet Colorado state action limits for 102 pesticides and five mycotoxins in hemp matrix
  • The rationale for selecting a sample preparation method as automated solvent extraction with good extraction efficiency, lower cost, and higher throughput
  • Addition of internal standards to improve method accuracy

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