renewable energy

Renewable Energy

PerkinElmer’s commitment to supporting sustainable innovation includes partnering with scientists and organizations focused on renewable energy. Whether your focus is solar, wind or hydropower, we have analytical workflow solutions to provide you with the critical information you need to successfully conduct your research and manage your analytical testing.

Renewable Energy Spotlight

This study shows that DSC can be used to study the curing degree of the EVA resin by measuring the residual curing enthalpy. The data show that the residual cur ...
Download this poster for an all-in-one view of how PerkinElmer instrumentation can answer the analytical needs of the solar market. From R&D of nanomaterials an ...
From the start of our busy days to the end, electricity is the life blood that keeps us going. We cook, heat, clean, light, work, communicate and are entertaine ...
A new, simple sample-preparation method which results in minimal contamination has been developed for the ultratrace interference-free analysis of solar-grade s ...
The primary goal of this technical note is to guide the user through the accessory selection process for different specular/ diffuse samples. This will be achie ...
Dr. Rebecca Dodder of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development provides a system perspective on sustainable energy transitio ...
Dr. Gernot Oreski of the Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmBH, presented a talk at PerkinElmer’s Global Environmental Sciences Summit focused on his work with ...
In this 10 minute video, we outline many of the lithium-Ion battery R&D, analysis, and QA/QC challenges that occur in various battery research and manufacturing ...

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