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Plant-Based & Alternative Protein Food

From R&D and formulation to scalable production, we provide testing solutions to help you efficiently produce safe, high-quality, and appealing products.



The development of alternative-protein and plant-based foods helps meet the worldwide growing need for nutritious, sustainable foods. However, creating these innovative foods poses unique challenges in terms of development, formulation, and manufacturing. Key ingredients, such as peas, soy products, lentils, oats, nuts, vegetables, and algae, must be of high quality, safe, and perform as intended in the final products.

With our industry-leading instruments, you can obtain fast and reliable information on critical parameters such as proximates, functionality, nutrition, and safety. Our screening solutions help you identify and reject subpar ingredients, optimize production, and minimize waste, energy consumption, and labor.

Reduce time to market for new products, ensure performance and production consistency, reformulate quickly and easily, and baseline ingredient performance before scale-up with our Rapid Visco Analyser. It offers a wide viscosity range, exceptional sensitivity, and accuracy, making it perfect for analyzing starches, hydrocolloids, and various processing conditions. Additionally, it provides robust methods to monitor batches, formulations, and processing conditions, ensuring reliable, repeatable procedures and easy-to-interpret, user-independent results.

Achieve the highest standards of quality and safety for your alternative-protein meat, dairy, snacks, and other finished products with our reliable testing solutions. Measure key parameters including moisture, fat, and protein content to ensure desired quality and nutrition. Our instruments also enable comprehensive analysis of additives, flavor and aroma components, minerals and metals, and contaminants such as pesticides, mycotoxins, and veterinary drugs.

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