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RVA 4800

RVA 4800 is our top-of-the-range model which combines a wide viscosity range, exceptional sensitivity and accuracy, and an extended temperature range (up to 140°C). This makes the RVA 4800 a perfect tool for performing more relevant analyses for a variety of applications, including ingredient (eg. starch and hydrocolloid) performance under conditions relevant to ultra-high-temperature (UHT) pasteurization of dairy and food products, retorting, pressure cooking, extrusion and other aseptic processing conditions.

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High-temperature processes are used in the manufacture of many food and industrial products. It is important for food processors to assess the performance of ingredients, to determine their suitability for formulations that are subjected to high temperature conditions required for sterilization and/or rapid processing including ultra-high temperature (UHT) processing, batch pressure cooking, retorting, jet-cooking and extrusion. The RVA 4800 can perform regular tests below 100°C, as well as high-temperature tests up to 140°C in a specially designed pressure vessel. Several methods exploiting the high temperature capability of the RVA 4800 have been devised to assess ingredient performance of products that undergo extreme processing conditions.


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Application Note

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Pulse ingredients impart desirable functional properties to a variety of food, beverage, and animal feed products. Because they contain heat-resistant starches and proteins, pulse ingredient functionality can be difficult to characterize at temperatures below 100 °C. Using the extended temperature c ...

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In this article with New Food, we discuss the global demand for new, innovative food products and how to overcome the challenges of providing novel food types utilizing pulse-based ingredients.

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The RVA accurately determines pulse quality by measuring the performance of pulse flours during hydration, cooking, and gelling. This method enables you to compare pulse flour behavior, subjecting the sample to a defined cycle of temperature and mixing. Ensure quality standards are met with consiste ...


White Paper

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