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DA 7250 At-line NIR Instrument

The DA 7250 NIR analyzer is the third generation diode array NIR instrument from PerkinElmer, designed specifically for analysis in the food and agri industries. It combines outstanding analytical accuracy with speed, ease of use and ruggedness. The DA 7250 comes pre-calibrated for a wide range of applications, and determines moisture, protein, fat and many other parameters in all types of samples.

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The DA 7250 NIR Analyzer analyzes samples in only 6 seconds, and can determine moisture, protein, fat, ash, starch and many other parameters with excellent accuracy. Available factory calibrations cover a wide variety of products and parameters and are built from our global database that encompasses hundreds of thousands of samples.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use - It's very easy to analyze a sample. In most cases just pour the sample into an open-faced dish, place it in the DA 7250 and it automatically starts the analysis. Results are presented on the large touchscreen.
  • Minimal sample preparation - Where other NIR instruments require that samples are ground or homogenized prior to analysis, the DA 7250 accurately analyzes samples as they are, minimizing the time from when you take the sample until you have the result. Grains, flakes, pellets, powders, pastes, slurries and liquids are all analyzed as they are without the need for expensive modules.
  • Accurate and rugged - The DA 7250 is based on diode array technology which is accurate, robust and proven. In diode array technology there are no moving parts and this makes the DA 7250 very suitable for challenging environments as it is not sensitive to vibrations or temperature. It is also IP65 certified which means it is dust and water-proof.

Operation and Handling

The DA 7250 was designed in cooperation with customers with the goal to create the most easily operated NIR instrument on the market. Not just because this makes work easier for operators, but because it matters for performance. The easier an analysis method is, the fewer mistakes you make, and the better your accuracy will be.

Three easy steps:

  • Pour the sample into the dish.
  • Select product from the list on the touch-screen.
  • Place the dish in the DA 7250.

Analysis starts automatically, and results are presented in large numbers after just a few seconds.

Remote Reporting and Administration

Our NetPlus software package makes analysis results available everywhere, and administration of groups of NIR instruments easier than ever before. NetPlus Reports is a web based reporting software which gives web based access to analysis results. Wherever you are you can always access updated analysis results. Monitor production, evaluate supplier performance, or verify product quality - on the fly!

NetPlus Remote is designed for remote administration of groups of instruments. Whether you manage just a few instruments or an NIR network of one hundred instruments, NetPlus Remote streamlines your tasks.

Sanitary Design Version

The DA 7250 SD is designed for placement in labs and production areas where sanitary designs are required. The sanitary design limits surfaces, crevices and other locations where food material could adhere. This makes it easy to clean, thereby reducing opportunities for microbial growth. Its stainless steel design and open analysis area makes it ideal for use anytime hygienic or cleaning requirements are high, such as in food production environments, in dusty or dirty conditions, or when samples are messy.


The characteristics of the DA 7250 NIR analyzer make it ideal for a wide range of applications. Grains, pellets, pastes, powders and liquids are all analyzed in only 6 seconds. Below are examples of applications the DA 7250 NIR analyzer is used in.


Analyze cheese, butter, milk, cream and powders with no sample preparation and no clean-up after analysis in the DA 7250 NIR instrument. Using the disposable cup system, the sample is simply placed in a plastic cup which is disposed of after analysis. This makes the DA 7250 extremely rapid and easy to use. Its accuracy makes it possible for you to control production to very tight limits.

Feed Milling

Use the DA 7250 NIR instrument to analyze ingredients, in-process samples and finished feeds for parameters such as moisture, protein, fat, starch, energy, fibers and amino acids - all without having to grind samples.

  • Verify incoming ingredients against specifications
  • Get true nutritional values for ingredients, and improve formulations
  • Optimize fat, protein and moisture in your process and save money

Oilseed Processing

With the DA 7250 NIR instrument you can analyze for moisture, oil, fatty acids, protein and other parameters in oilseeds, meals and oil. No grinding is required for oilseed analysis, not even for sunflower seeds.

  • Test seeds at intake to pay the right price
  • Analyze meal to optimize extraction, drying and blending
  • Determine FFA, phosphorous and more in oil

Flour Milling

The DA 7250 NIR instrument lets you analyze wheat and flour for moisture, protein, ash and more. It provides top accuracy in a rugged, IP65 rated housing. Place it anywhere in the mill for immediate analysis results.

  • Test wheat at intake and during tempering
  • Optimize ash content with rapid and accurate analysis
  • Analyze co-products such as bran or middlings

Petfood Production

Whether you produce wet or dry petfood, the DA 7250 NIR instrument will analyze ingredients as well as finished petfood for moisture, protein, fat and more. Little or no sample preparation required, minimal cleaning between samples.

  • Analyze nutritional value of ingredients
  • Optimize production
  • Verify end-product quality

Seed Breeding

The accuracy and speed of analysis make the DA 7250 ideal for seed breeding companies and institutes. Analyze any type of grain or oilseed for standard parameters such as moisture, protein and oil, and specialized traits such as fatty acid profile or amino acid levels. Thousands of samples can be analyzed in a very short time, and any size sample can be analyzed - from just a few grains to 500 ml. Several of the leading institutes and companies worldwide use the DA 7250.

Ethanol Production

Many ethanol producers have been able to increase output and lower costs thanks to the DA 7250 NIR instrument. Raw materials, fermentation samples and by-products are all analyzed in just a few seconds. Instead of waiting half an hour for HPLC results you can get an instant analysis of HPLC parameters in fermentation samples.

Starch Production

The flexible sample presentation of the DA 7250 makes it possible to analyze both the raw materials and nearly all in-process products as well as end-products. Grains, slurries, liquids and powders - all are easily analyzed in the DA 7250 NIR instrument.


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Application Brief

Analysis of Dairy Powders Using the DA 7250 NIR

Analysis of dairy powders with high accuracy for the constituents by means of the PerkinElmer DA 7250, a proven NIR instrument designed for use in the food industry. Using novel diode array technology it performs a multi-component analysis in less than ten seconds with no sample preparation.


Application Note

Analysis of Dried Distiller's Grain (DDG) Using DA 7250 Diode Array Based High Speed Analysis System

Analysis of Dried Distiller’s Grain (DDGs) is an important aspect of Ethanol Production and Feed Manufacturing. The composition affects processing of the materials and the profitability of selling & buying this important by-product /ingredient. Ethanol producers can use the real time analysis to monitor and control the process. Monitoring moisturecontent allows operators to optimize the drying process ensuring an acceptable end product while reducing energy usage. Feed plants can use the system to monitor suppliers, optimize formulation, and for cost control of ingredients. The Diode Array 7250 can analyze DDGs for the aforementioned constituents. The large spot size and analysis area remove the effects of sample heterogeneity thereby producing more reliable and representative results. The speed allows users to easily and accurately analyze many samples a day in nearly real-timewith no sample prep or clean-up.

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Analysis of Moisture, Protein, Fiber, Oil and Free Fatty Acids in Soybeans Using the DA 7250

For soybean processors it is important to have full knowledge of the quality of the soybean they purchase, as its value to a high degree depends on the composition of, for example, oil and protein. For seed breeders, the fatty acid profile is also critical as there are increasing demmand for varieties with specific characteristics. The DA 7250 Near Infrared Reflactance (NIR) can perform the multicomponent analysis in seconds.

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Analysis of Moisture, Protein, Starch and Amylose in Rice Using the DA 7250 Analyzer

The DA 7250 NIR analyzer is used in the rice industry to test for moisture, protein, starch and amylose as quality parameters to determine the value.

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Analysis of Sunflower Meal Using the DA 7250 Analyzer

For sunflower seed processors and feed manufacturers alike, rapid and accurate quality control of sunflower seed meal is important to ensure nutritional specification on the meal is correct. DA 7250 accurately can analyze moisture, protein, oil, fiber and ash in sunflower seed meal.

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DA 7250

This brochure provides a product update of the DA 7250 in various segments.

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Flour Milling Analysis Brochure

Test functional and compositional properties of wheat so you know what to buy, how best to mill it and how the flour will perform at that bakery.

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Meat Testing Solutions Brochure

PerkinElmer provides state-of-the-art analytical solutions for testing and analysis of raw meats, process optimization, and verification of finished meat products. Our solutions are based on proven technologies, user friendly software, and ready-to-use methods. What’s more, our solutions incorporate universal calibrations that cover thousands of sample types – everything from raw ham and frankfurters to salami and meatballs. So whatever type of meat products you produce, our solutions can help you reduce costs while improving quality.

Meat and Seafood Testing Solutions

Food testing labs like yours are constantly challenged with accurately analyzing samples quickly and efficiently - all while striving to reduce costs due to market forces. Your commitment to ensuring meat and seafood are safe for consumption, as demand increases, is an uphill battle.

Our commitment to you: to provide a range of solutions across multiple technologies, products, and services that meets or exceeds the testing needs of food processors. Our solutions offer more efficiency and increased accuracy and sensitivity for better yields in real time with minimal training.

From instrumentation and software to consumables and reagents to service and support, we are dedicated to providing you with end-to-end solutions that ease your everyday challenges of automation, throughput, service, and time to results.

Quality Control Solutions for the Oilseed Industry

Our DA 7250 offers the oilseed industry quality control solutions that determine moisture, oil, fatty acid profile and more, optimize pressing, extraction and drying of oilseed meal; monitor degumming and free fatty acid neutralization and verify feed nutritional properties of the oilseed meal.