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Pet food needs to look good to the consumer, taste good to the pet, meet nutritional requirements, and it has to be produced with equivalent or better profitability week after week. In the production of pet food several parameters such as moisture, fiber and ash require close monitoring as they have great impact on production costs, product quality, and nutritional value for proper feeding. Pet food products require tights specifications, but raw materials can vary a lot in composition, with our Near Infrared (NIR) based-solutions, multi components pet food analysis can be done in seconds.

For Mycotoxin detection, we can provide a full range of pet food testing solutions from screening to ultimate LC/MS/MS detection.

When dealing with pet food safety testing, Solus One Salmonella is a highly efficient assay for the next day detection of Salmonella in food and pet food samples. The Solus One Salmonella protocol for Petfood products was certified against validation protocol EN ISO 16140-2 (2016): Microbiology of the food chain – Method Validation and Reference Method EN ISO 6579-1/A1 (March 2020): Microbiology of the food chain. σHorizontal method for the detection, enumeration and serotyping of Salmonella spp.

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Video: 3.4_Solus One Salmonella Petfood Workflow


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