Chemicals Identification

The chemicals industry is arguably one of the most central and complex industrial sectors in today’s global economy. Thousands of chemical manufacturing plants supply adjacent industries like semiconductor and electronics, polymer and plastics, and consumer products like smartphones, laptops, and wearable technologies. It’s a diverse range of products, however they share common challenges like increasing chemicals testing throughput, implementing inline processes that ensure the desired chemical and intended yield, and staff training to minimize contamination.

Chemicals producers and the industrial or technology corporations they serve are pressured to meet the constantly increasing demands for quality sample testing throughput. Chemical analysis is performed in all steps of chemical research and development (R&D), downstream manufacturing and final test processes in order to ensure purity levels of raw materials, chemicals in all states, through to final product function and safety. It’s critical to the profitability of your operation to know that the materials utilized and produced in your manufacturing process are of the exact quality you or your customers require. And the wide range of matrices being tested means that a vast array of analytical testing technologies, informatics and services is essential to achieve and maintain the quality and purity success in a highly competitive market.

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Atomic Spectroscopy Instruments

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Chromatography Instruments

Whatever your application, industry requirements or regulations, we have a breadth of solutions designed to solve your separation and detection challenges. Our ...

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Molecular Spectroscopy Instruments

Characterize advanced complex materials on any budget. Our comprehensive portfolio of analytical solutions has the ideal molecular spectroscopy instruments for ...

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Thermal Analysis Instruments

Improve accuracy, sensitivity, and performance in thermal analysis using our comprehensive portfolio of instruments. Our wide selection of precision designed ac ...

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Partner with us and give your laboratory the benefits of cutting-edge instrumentation, consistently excellent consumables and the industry’s largest, most trust ...

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PerkinElmer’s Informatics solutions empower customers to gain critical insights from data analytics, accelerating informed decisions. Unify data and fast-track ...

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Laboratory Services

Today’s scientific lab leaders are facing new pressures and demands to continue to innovate while looking for more lab productivity. With tighter deadlines, inc ...

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