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Leverage our expertise to maximize efficiency and deliver high-quality dairy powders that consistently meet consumer expectations and regulatory requirements.


From bakery and confectionery to baby food and protein supplements, dairy powders play a vital role in various food formulations, demanding accurate quality and safety analysis to meet strict international regulations, ensure product integrity and consistency, while maintaining smooth production and maximized profits.

We offer a comprehensive range of innovative dairy powder testing solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our robust and efficient FTIR dairy analyzers provide precise proximate analysis of incoming raw milk, securing the highest quality from the start. With our rapid food safety kits, you can accurately screen your products for pathogens and residues, utilizing technologies such as ELISA or lateral flow. Monitor macronutrients and detect contaminants with our advanced analytical solutions to ensure that your dairy powders are safe and nutritious.

Our Rapid Visco Analyser (RVA) offers valuable insights into dairy powders' performance and functionality under different conditions, helping producers fine-tune formulations and optimize processing parameters. By mimicking real-world manufacturing processes, it enables consistent and high-quality products, while saving time and resources.

Use our reliable and intuitive NIR analyzers to accurately monitor dairy powder production consistency and efficiency in real-time, improving margins and saving waste. Measure critical parameters like moisture, protein, fat, and lactose, optimizing drying processes and ensuring conformity with specifications. Even the tiniest moisture or fat tweak can bring a positive impact on your bottom line. We've got you covered every step of the way, from tailored calibrations to custom development solutions, all complemented by seamless remote management through our NetPlus software. Our dedicated team of technical experts is here to keep your operations running smoothly and flawlessly.

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Comprehensive Solutions for Dairy Analysis

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Analysis of Dairy Powders Using the DA 7250 NIR

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Optimizing Milk Powder Production Using DA 7300 In-line NIR Instrument

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The Elemental Analysis of Milk Powder with NexION 300/350 ICP-MS

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Analysis of Micronutrients in Milk Using the Avio 220 Max ICP-OES

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Analysis of Micronutrients in Milk by Flame Atomic Absorption

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Identifying Quality Parameters in Milk Using the LactoScope FT-A

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Determination of Antibiotics and Veterinary Drugs in Milk by QSight LC/MS/MS

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