UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy for Optoelectronic Devices and Materials: State of the Art


This webinar will focus on PerkinElmer’s Lambda 1050+ UV-Vis-NIR instrument and discuss various modular sampling accessories and detector modules that can be used when addressing a broad range of material types, all within a single instrument. Various integrating sphere options – with sizes ranging from 60 mm to 270 mm – allow for specular and diffuse reflectance/transmittance measurements on samples of varying surface topography and microtexture such as pyramids, frits, or glazing materials. We will also take an in-depth look at recent advances in variable angle spectroscopy, using automated modules such as the URA and ARTA, that allow range of uniplanar and out-of-plane angular measurements, as well as more complex scattering measurements such as BRDF and BTDF. Finally, we will consider selected accessories that serve niche optical markets, such as the UL270 mm sphere and the IV accessory which is used for the calibration of standard and reference mirrors, and related examples.