Understanding Your Samples for ICP-MS – Part 1: The Power of TotalQuant


Syngistix software for NexION® ICP-MS instruments provides several different ways of data acquisition, depending on analysis needs and desirable results. The following analysis modes are available: Quantitative, TotalQuant, isotope dilution, isotope ratio and data only.

TotalQuant, a feature in Syngistix for ICP-MS software unique to PerkinElmer’s NexION ICP-MS systems, offers the capability to quantify multiple elements in a sample via the interpretation of the complete mass spectrum. This talk will guide you through TotalQuant (TQ) principles, features, and applications to provide a better understanding of this specific type of analysis. These applications include semi-quantitative analysis, quantitative analysis, fingerprinting and quick survey scan.

Presented by: Ruth E. Wolf, Ph.D., Principal Field Application Scientist, PerkinElmer Inc

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