Testing Protective Equipment & Chemicals - Analysis of Alcohols in Hand Sanitizer & Sodium Hypochlorite in Disinfectants


From our Pandemic series, learn the most effective applied analytical methods for identifying and quantifying concentrations of alcohols found in hand sanitizer, and sodium hypochlorite found in bleach-based household surface disinfectant products. Watch this on-demand video to hear from our expert Applications Scientist, Kieran Evans, over two parts;

The first part deals with the analysis of Ethanol, Isopropanol and Methanol in Hand Sanitizers. See results data using IR Spectroscopy conducted on the PerkinElmer Hand Sanitizer AnalyzerTM instrument along with the PerkinElmer Methanol Adulterant ScreenTM software. Compare alternate solutions using GC-FID and GC Headspace which extends analysis to solid sanitizer samples like wipes.

The second part explains the essential analysis of Sodium Hypochlorite in household bleach-based surface disinfectant products, using cost-saving UV/Vis spectroscopy on the PerkinElmer LAMBDATM 365.