Simplify your ICP-OES Analyses while Optimizing Productivity and Precision


Both hardware and software impact everyday workflows in your ICP laboratory. Commercial testing labs utilize automation for fast turnaround times while delivering high levels of sample accuracy. In addition, certain applications, such as metallurgical, need to optimize for sample accuracy as metal purity can vary batch to batch. In both cases, intuitive software workflows deliver greater uptime for the laboratory. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover how key software and hardware technologies can help reduce turnaround time and improve your results.

In this webinar, you will gain key insights to optimize efficiencies in your laboratory, focusing on applications demanding fast sample-to-sample time and high accuracy:

  • Find out how to obtain extremely low relative standard deviations (RSDs) on challenging samples
  • Learn how to simplify everyday workflows to improve data accuracy
  • Discover how to operate your lab more efficiently with hardware and software automation

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