OneSource Multi-Vendor Service Options


With an abundance of instrumentation in your lab, it can be challenging to ensure that all assets are properly maintained. Your success depends on these key instruments performing reliably, day after day.

However, maintenance can become a burden if you have to manage components from various manufacturers.

  • How do you know who to call when one of your systems breaks down?
  • Are you spending an abundance of time handling administrative tasks such as managing multiple instrument vendors and searching for contacts to handle repairs and warranties?
  • Is your service contract not benefiting you as much as it should be?

Ultimately, this can result in less productive time for scientific discovery.

If this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time to evolve a new type of service contract. We offer our customers multiple service contract options to ensure that their PerkinElmer instrument investment is well maintained. There are a variety of choices that provide unlimited repair services with the option of adding one or two Preventive Maintenance (PM) visits. In addition to supporting PerkinElmer instruments, multivendor service contracts are also available, in which you still receive the same type of services, but you now also have coverage on instruments that are not manufactured by PerkinElmer.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Keeping Your Systems at Peak Performance

With our service contract plan, you’re receiving uninterrupted, dependable instrument repair and maintenance for your PerkinElmer equipment, ensuring your operations run smoothly while maximizing your investment. However, adding multi-vendor service coverage can provide additional benefits because now all your instruments are under the same contract.

By upgrading to our multi-vendor service program, you’ll have access to our dedicated multi-vendor support team and customized preventive maintenance, repair and qualification services. You’ll continue working with your trusted PerkinElmer service engineer, regardless of who has manufactured the equipment. Their knowledge of a variety of instrumentation significantly reduces downtime, as they can ensure systems run properly and if a problem arises, can troubleshoot the issue quickly.

Multi-vendor service options also provide just one point of contact, which eliminates the administrative burden of managing hundreds of vendor contracts, service requests and invoices. Given that the majority of your instruments are maintained under one contract, this can help simplify and streamline your operations. You simply make one call to your service contact provider and can easily access your service history and schedule service appointments.


Our multi-vendor service offering is a cost-effective option that provides you with extensions of service repair, regular preventive maintenance as well as qualification solutions to instruments from a variety of manufacturers. Having just one contract and contact can reduce downtime, increase your lab’s productivity, and enhance compliance. Your instruments are being properly maintained and serviced to ensure they’re available when you need them. And because your senior scientists are no longer chasing after service techs or following up on service visits, they can get back to doing what they were hired to do.

OneSource Multi-Vendor Service