TOTAL Group's Fast, On-site Fuel Scrutineering for Real-time Results and Winning Decisions Customer Testimonial


The Italian Superbike Championship (Campionato Italiano Velocità: CIV) relies on the TOTAL Group (TOTAL) to supply the official control fuel for all CIV races. TOTAL is one of the largest suppliers of motorsport fuels in the world, so they are no stranger to meeting stringent specifications required by race regulations.

In addition to supplying the FIM-sanctioned control fuel to the Italian teams, TOTAL also provides CIV with fuel scrutineering services. CIV requires that fuel samples are collected immediately after the race from bikes chosen at random by the race organizers. The fuel samples are then analyzed to ensure no one is using an alternative fuel or performance-enhancing additives.

In this video TOTAL team shares their insights on the fast on-site fuel testing for additives and how the PerkinElmer team with Torion T-9 GC/MS solution is helping them get immediate track-proven results while increasing productivity and meeting tight deadlines.