Materials Analysis Challenges for Battery Recyclers


Watch now to help you drive the development of more circular input structures by finding the best laboratory analysis solutions for material reclaim and reuse.

In this webinar you will learn about the analytical techniques solving today’s challenges in battery component recycling. Learn about robust and practical atomic spectroscopy techniques which detect and mitigate against cross-contamination during the recycling process. See examples of TGA and STA in understanding the degradation and thermal properties of battery materials, and how this knowledge allows recyclers to understand the behavior of certain materials during processing.

  • General Recycling Process & Requirements by Dr Sascha Nowak PhD of the MEET Battery Research Centre, Munster University
  • Inorganic Elemental Analytical Analysis (ICP-OES, ICP-MS) Solutions by Ryan Purcell-Joiner, Senior Application Scientist at PerkinElmer (Presented live by Gerlinde Wita)
  • Thermal Analysis (TGA, STA) Solutions by Kieran Evans a battery research specialist and Application Scientist at PerkinElmer

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