How to Select a Multivendor Service Provider for Your Lab


One of the biggest challenges pharmaceutical companies struggle with is how to keep track of a shared global asset inventory. With a complex array of mission-critical systems, software, instrumentation, and applications - deployed globally – system availability, instrument utilization and data accuracy can all put your scientific research at risk.

Working with a third party expert, whose focus is to ensure your lab infrastructure is optimally configured and maintained, can help you reduce these risks.

In the webinar "Selecting a Multivendor Service Provider for Your Lab", lab optimization expert Jim Sweeney speaks to the challenges pharmaceutical labs are facing and how OneSource Asset Management can help. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How to select the best asset management service classification for your company
  • The impact of using advanced analytics in your lab operations
  • How the accelerating connectedness of things will affect labs