Foundations of Speciation: Knowing your HPLC

When issues occur in speciation/LC applications, the HPLC side of things is more the likely the cause. Therefore, it is essential to intimately know about your various hardware components, how they function and their respective considerations. This second-in-series speciation webcast will discuss the various components of a typical speciation/ LC system, using the NexSAR speciation solution as an example of a robust and reliable tool for speciation analysis.

We’ll touch on things like: what is the difference between a low pressure mixing and high pressure mixing pump, the importance of a post-wash solution, what are the various injection modes on your HPLC autosampler and how they differ, the function of a line preheater in your column oven, the various roles of switching valves, and general system care and maintenance. Providing this foundation will get you well on your way to selecting the right approach for your analysis and dramatically decrease downtime by equipping you with the base knowledge needed to respond to issues quickly and efficiently.