Food safety: Determination of Veterinary Drugs in Food by LC-MS/MS


Veterinary drugs are a wide category of compounds used in animal production to treat diseases, prevent infection, and protect growth of animals, which helps provide quality food products at a profit in the marketplace. However, improper use of drugs in animal production can lead to health risks that include adverse reactions to drug residues or the development of resistant bacterial populations. Regulatory agencies have established maximum residue levels (MRLs) or tolerances of veterinary drugs in foods. Indeed, the detection and analysis of veterinary drugs in food become an important part of food quality and food safety controls. However, it is challenging to develop method for veterinary drugs in food matrices due to the complexity of sample and diversity of analytes from various classes and different chemical properties. In this webinar we will present recent developments in the sensitive and robust determination of veterinary drugs in various food matrices with LC-MS/MS.